Confronting Radicals: What America Can Learn From Israel

The thought-provoking documentary exposes the radical leftist plan to transform the USA and reveals how America can rediscover its founding principles by learning from Israel’s enduring commitment to freedom & Biblical morality!
Less than 250 years since its founding, America’s foundations are crumbling, and its core institutions are being corrupted. Generations of Americans are being taught to hate America and its values. Tragically, many in the once United States, are now openly discussing civil war and separation.
How could America so radically transform in such a relatively short time? What can America do to confront this radicalism and rediscover its founding principles? And what can America learn from the world’s most ancient and enduring people who, despite their own radical uprisings, have held onto their founding principles of freedom and morality for more than 3,000 years?
The documentary begins with America’s 2022 “Summer of Rage” abortion protests organized by the same leftist radicals that orchestrated the BLM riots. The film traces the roots of these seemingly organic outbursts to the same sinister sources that have propelled radicals around the world – including Israel – for decades. It concludes by identifying the critical challenges facing America and provides unique solutions, direct from the biblical heartland of Israel.
Filmed on location in Israel and the USA, the 30-minute documentary features the harrowing tale of David Rubin from Shiloh, Israel, who was ambushed by Palestinian terrorists. The film contrasts Rubin’s traumatic attack with FOX Nation host David Webb, who shares his own experience as an African American expert on the radical BLM movement. The film also includes interviews with former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren, columnist Carolyn Glick, Islamic expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar, and former Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.
“Confronting Radicals” was produced by The Israel Guys and Israel365. Based on David Rubin’s book by the same name. The film will be playing in select synagogues and churches throughout the United States this summer. It is essential viewing for anyone concerned about the leftist plan to transform the USA from a nation built on traditional values into a dangerously radical & anti-American society

  • Ben Hilton
  • Benjamin Hilton
  • Tuly Weisz
  • David Rubin
    Key Cast
    "David Rubin"
  • David Webb
    Key Cast
    "David Webb"
  • Michelle Bachmann
    Key Cast
    "Michelle Bachmann"
  • Carolyn Glick
    Key Cast
    "Carolyn Glick"
  • Mordechai Kedar
    Key Cast
    "Mordechai Kedar"
  • Michael Oren
    Key Cast
    "Michael Oren"
  • Israel365 Israel365
    Production Company
  • Shlomo Schreibman
    Associate Producers
  • Luke Hilton
    Associate Producers
  • Elie Mischel
    Associate Producers
  • Benjamin Hilton
  • Cinematography
  • Benjamin Hilton
  • Mordy Rapp
    Story Consultants
  • David Kiern
    Story Consultants
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Short
  • Genres:
    Documentary, History, USA, America, Middle East, Israel, Politics, Faith & Religion, Faith, Religion
  • Runtime:
    30 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    July 17, 2023
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  • Country of Filming:
    Israel, United States
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  • NOA - Interantional Film Marketing
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Director Biography - Ben Hilton

Benjamin is a director and cinematographer with a passion for heart moving stories and artistic excellence. Over his twelve-year career he has produced award winning short films, music videos, documentaries, promotional content, and over 30 episodes of an international TV series the Joshua and Caleb Report. In addition to his film work, Ben now hosts a weekly show on the YouTube channel The Israel Guys.

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