MEGAN PEELAM (30), a woman with a provincial outlook, is a final-year university student in business management. She's a waitress, studies and lives in London, United Kingdom, with her boyfriend JACKSON EVANS (36). He is a well-off Londoner, of good family, and has a job as an employee at another college. They are happy about their relationship. She wants kids from him, and is ready to do anything. Jackson promises her a job too. At any rate, he has business relationships with a beautiful and smart business woman named ALISON NELSON (40). Her company is selected for an important academic project created and managed by the university where Jackson works. Megan takes her degree, but he fails to fulfil his promises and plays a waiting game. She starts looking for a decent job, but no result. She begins to feel depressed and becomes troubled. She turns to a psychologist, GRIFFIN BRADFORD (45), to treat her mental disorders. Her sixth sense makes her think that Jackson cheated her on. Her best friend LACY CHRISTIE (33) cheers her up. Somehow or other DEREK TARMENT (38), a friend of Jackson, tries to warn him of the risk he is running. Megan finds out the truth, what really happened between her boyfriend and Alison. The two see each other and sleep together too. Also, his strong family ties, along with economic interests, prevail. Megan recovers from her illness, decides to break up with Jackson soon after having a tiff. At night Lacy picks her up, she leaves home without saying goodbye to anyone. Alison and Jackson maintain their relationships.

  • Marco Soldo
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    Romance, Drama
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  • Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival (May Awards)
    June 4, 2024
    Honourable Mention (Best original script))
Writer Biography - Marco Soldo

Fascinated by technology, eager to tell and show his dramatic shots, he started writing the script of his sci-fi short film "The Rare Part of Mankind" on 2010, finalist at the online festival "Shortsnonstop" two years later. He began writing his first original full-length romantic drama movie titled "Conflicts" on 2009. He developed the story in a master scene format by using the three-act structure, drafted and formatted the final form on May 2023. He translated the full screenplay into Italian in the same year.
Recently, “Conflicts” has been selected for the eight edition of the 2024 Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF), and won an Honourable Mention in the category Best Original Script at the fourth edition (May Awards) of the 2024 Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival (AIMAFF).
Drawing from his experience as a writer of his first feature, he wrote his second original drama movie titled "Behind an Alibi" on 2014. Currently, he is developing the story.

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Writer Statement

I write drama films because reality needs to be portrayed. Love, hatred, desperation, fear, loneliness, happiness are a part of our lives and my personal experiences, and I try to spread the message. Loving is risky. Each shot means something, and each image I visualise in my screenplays reflects what I and my characters feel. I want the audience to perceive the same emotionality.

In this time I am advancing my writing career independently by entering competitions and building industry contacts in production and development who can provide me with a recommendation.
I aim at finding representation, earning paid writing assignments, landing high profile options, and selling my work.
Another goal is to write for TV by adapting the screenplay of my drama movie “Behind an Alibi”.