The Comox Valley is an incredibly beautiful and fast-growing community on Vancouver Island. It is bursting at the seams with creative talent, including a large group of aspiring and well-established professionals in the film and TV industry. The Comox Valley International Film Festival is designed to nurture this talent and bring other like-minded and talented people to Vancouver Island in May to celebrate the art of film-making and screenwriting. The festival is comprised of a film-making and screenwriting competition, and various other events to be determined. The festival has low submission costs to encourage as many submissions as possible.

We will start the event off with a networking gala on Thursday, May 12th where we will announce the winners of the screenwriting competition. We will have afternoon clusters of short film screenings and nightly feature screenings. The event will finish with a closing ceremonies and social event on May 15th.

PLEASE NOTE: We only screen narrative fiction films, we do not screen documentaries, music videos, promotional videos, or trailers. If you submit a film that is not narrative fiction, there will be no refunds.


There are four submission categories:

1. International Feature (minimum 70 minutes)

2. International Short (maximum 35 minutes)

3. Canadian Short (maximum 35 minutes)

4. Vancouver Island Short (maximum 35 minutes)


There are three submission categories:

1. International Feature (maximum 125 pages)

2. International Short (maximum 35 pages)

3. BC Short (maximum 35 pages) - open to writers who are BC residents

The winners of, and finalists in. each category will receive a laurel and a public shout-out. We also hope to get some of the best scripts pitched to producers.

2021 Winners

Feature Film Script

1. "Call Me Thor" - Jamie Campbell
2. "Room Zero" - Jason Partridge
3. "The Making of a Gunslinger" - Shawn Clark
HM. "Limpet" - Mark A. C. Brown
HM. "Finding Superman" - Jessi Thind

International Short Script

1. "Lab Partners" - Tommy Britt
2. "Beyond the Veil" - Shawn Clark
3. "Ashlee Knows" - Tommy Britt
HM. "Something Like That" - AJ Maryn
HM. "Shame or Honour" - Ceri Thomas-Davies

BC Short Script

1. "Jane" - Jovanna Burke
2. "Anemone Girl" - Andria Young
3. "The Coat" - Nicole Schindle
HM. "Don't Pick Up" - Melanie Kaklamanis
HM. "Quiver" - Cody Peterson

Vancouver Island Micro-Shrot

1. "Perfect Appetite" - Shawn Clark
2. "The Picker Green" - Shawn Clark
3. "Three by Three" - Laurel Moffatt


1. Films will not be ranked in the same way as scripts. For films, there will be official selections based jointly on the curation of the directors and consultation with industry professionals if required.
2. We will have a winner in each category, although this doesn’t necessarily mean that each winning film will be screened at the festival (this would be a rare situation, i.e., when a film simply doesn’t fit any of the curated themes or there is some other reason it can’t be shown, like graphic sexuality or anything else at the directors' discretion). But nonetheless, the winners will be officially recognized as winning and will receive the laurel.
3. Filmmakers may submit as many films as they like in as many categories for which they are eligible.
4. For the inaugural festival we will have no restrictions on when a film was made. We want to have as many submissions as possible, and nothing compels us to select multiple films from the same filmmaker nor to choose films that were made a long time ago.
5. Films must be fictional narrative. We do not accept music videos, promotional videos, trailers, and documentaries.
6. All non-English submissions must have hard-coded English subtitles.
7. Films must be compliant with all copyright laws. If music, artwork, or additional film material used in your film is not original, then permission from source must be obtained. The responsibility for this rests entirely with the filmmaker. Failure to obtain clearance could result in your film being withdrawn from the Festival. In this event, CVIFF will not be liable to refund the fee or return the materials entered.
8. By submitting to the CVIFF, the participant is granting permission to view their film by the Selection and Judging Committee and if selected for screening, is granting permission to screen the film at the CVIFF and use selected clips it in promotional materials (including but not limited to press releases, websites, social media, TV, radio and print). After the festival, CVIFF may post the film online only if the film is publicly available for viewing.
9. If selected for screening at the festival, the filmmaker will be required to submit the following:
• Minimum two high-resolution film stills
• One high-resolution Director's headshot photo
• Brief synopsis of the film
• Film exhibition copy in 2K or 1080p resolution, in DCP, ProRes, or MP4 format
• Film trailer file and/or online link
10. Once a film has been selected for the festival it may not be withdrawn.
All entrants agree that the decisions of the juries and festival organizer are final and there are no procedures for appeal.
11. All submitters agree that they will not be paid a screening fee should their film be chosen for screening.


1. Winners and placements will be determined by jury rankings.
2. Scripts that have been submitted to previous iterations of the festival are not eligible.
3. While submitters can submit as many scripts as they want in a single category, only the top ranked submission will be eligible for an award (i.e., a submitter cannot win more than one placement in a single category)
4. Each individual script may be entered in only one category.
5. Submitters may compete in a maximum of 2 categories, but in order to do so, they must enter different scripts in each (i.e., see rule #3).
6. Any scripts that have already been made into a film are not eligible.
7. All submitted scripts must be formatted in some commonly accepted format and the festival organizer reserves the right to discard improperly formatted submissions (although they will make every attempt to contact writers to get reformatted submissions). 8. All submitted scripts must include both an anonymous and named version of the script.
9. All payments are final and there will be no refunds of script submissions.

Overall Rating
  • Jes Sugrue

    I so appreciate the multi-talented organizers, presenters, and the generosity of encouragement toward those who were selected. The films and workshop facilitators were amazing. I learned a lot and made some lovely connections. Finalist or not, I'll be looking forward to next year's festival.

    May 2022
  • Charleen Phelps

    Comox VAlley Film festival is like a small family that celebrates each other, the hospitality and support was very encouraging.
    The workshops, events were very insightful and the location Comox, Vancouver island is gorgeous will definitely come back again.
    Sidartha Murjani
    It was great to be back in my home town for the screening of Remnants. The organizers were awesome and so supportive
    Charleen Phelps

    May 2022
  • Kris Fleerackers

    Very happy that "IDOL" was selected for this great festival and won an award! Thank you!

    May 2022
  • Dianne Ouellette

    Even though I couldn't attend the communication was excellent. It was an honour to be screened at this festival and I hope to attend someday!

    May 2022
  • Brenda Cardinal

    Fantastic time! Excellent film selection and I loved the opportunity to attend seminars and round table Q&A. Highly recommended!

    May 2022