The Columbus Film, Author, and Photography Festival (CFAP Festival) encourages and supports the growing number of people in the film, author and photography world. This festival aims to reward the accomplishments of like-minded artists who aim to create interesting content. This festival is for new and veteran artists. Call for Entries opens October 1, 2021 with a completed production date after January 1, 2010 (for authors and photographers - work must be submitted for copywrite by date of submission). Films must be completed in production by August 15, 2022. A trailer must be submitted before the June 11, 2022 deadline date.

Our main goal is to shed light onto creators that deserve it and to form connections between genres of art. We want independent artists to get recognition that they deserve.

This is a three day event!

Day One consists of a Masquerade Gala to network with fellow entrants. The Finalist in the Music Video category will perform at the Masquerade Gala. An Award Winning Singer Performing Live also!

Day Two Morning will consist of Workshops (the following topics):
1) How to get funding - by Stephanie Bridges- Award Winning Author and Influencer
2) How to shoot a film with a low budget - by Derrick Muhammad - Filmmaker, Actor and Comedian
3) How to outline a novel - by Brian W. Smith -Best-Selling Author
4) From Parent to Publisher - by Joylynn Ross - Blessed Selling Author and Literary Chaffeur

Day Two Afternoon and Day Three will consist of watching the films, videos and photography.

Day Three will consist of Awards Ceremony

All of our finalists are automatically in the running for our Awards and Prizes! Finalists also are placed in the official website catalog, where they will remain forever.

The CFAP Festival selections will be judged and decided on by award winning artists working in the industry.

CFAP Festival will follow guidance and protocols in relation to the coronavirus. All Festival details (including dates, format and venues) are subject to change. Information about an online component of the Festival will be announced at a later date.

Submission fees are non-refundable

For all questions related to submissions, please see our Terms and Conditions or email our Director Danielle D. Smith at

Best Feature
Best Short
Best Documentary
Best Director
Champion for Change
Best Literary Work Ready for Film (the winner will have their book adapted into a screenplay and receive a treatment)
Forever, Dion Lamarr (for music video category)
Best Photograph
Best International
Best Student

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your film for consideration to the Columbus Film, Author and Photography Festival (CFAP Festival) in accordance with the procedures outlined below, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and voluntarily agreed to abide by these Filmmaker Terms and Conditions.

Secure Online Screeners (Vimeo or YouTube links) are the preferred submission method. However, if you chose to submit on DVD (Region 0 or 1), please send 1 copy with your application, and be sure to include your title, name, running time, and FilmFreeway # on the disc. If using a Vimeo or YouTube link, please include your link at the top of the cover letter section of your FilmFreeway submission.

• If accepted, filmmakers will need to provide the following:
- A digital copy of their completed film
- Name of film
- Director's name
- Run time
- Synopsis
- 2-3 high-res images from the film (not posters)
- Photo credit information (who you would like those photos to be credited to)
- film website (optional)

• Entry title, name of entrant, and FilmFreeway tracking number must be on all materials and containers.

• Separate applications are required for each submission. (For multiple entries please email include Subject Line - Multiple entries and include categories and number of entries in body of email to receive code for multiple entries).

• Please let us know if your email address changes between the time of receipt of entry and notification of results. Otherwise, you will not be advised of or receive any award you may have won.

• All winners will receive customized laurels suitable for print and/or web usage. All winners will also receive awards in person or by mail. (If you cannot attend, please provide a mailing address, and we'll send the award to you.)

• Liability: Although every possible care will be taken with your entry materials while in our possession, we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. Do not send any original materials.

• Entries into the Student Section of the festival must provide proof of eligibility at the same time of entry (student ID). Must email copy of student id to In Subject Line - Category/Student. In Body of email list category (ies) and Entrant Name.

• English Language: All entries must have audio essential to the message on an English language soundtrack or English subtitles. An English translation script is not an acceptable substitute with the exception of foreign student entries.


The following criteria are applied during the judging process:
- Target audience
- Credibility
- Purpose
- Organization and development
- Concept and creativity
- Technical proficiency


The entrant has full rights to submit the entry and authorize its use.

Promotion Rights: Producers or distributors who enter the festival grant permission for their entries to be presented at any festival screening or event unless we are otherwise notified at the time of entry.

Publicity: Images, trailers, and reproducible still images may be used in festival programs and publicity materials, including for use by media.

Archives: We keep the winning entries for the festival's archives.

Entrant has read and agrees to abide by all festival rules.

Based on schedule not all selected films will be screened. Determination will be by highest scores.