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Colors of the Soul

The story begins with a good-hearted teenage Chassidic boy who does an exceptional act
of kindness for a total stranger to save him from embarrassment. The Heavenly Court is
impressed, and he is granted one wish. His wish is to find his perfect mate.
A few years pass, and he visits his old Chassidic school, and finds that the Rebbe's wife, a
kind matronly woman who took care of him and the other orphaned students, has
suffered a severe heart attack and is critically ill.
He prays and asks the Heavenly Court to change his wish, giving up finding his mate, so
that the Rebbe's wife should live. This too, is granted.
She recovers, but the Rebbe is furious! He forbids him to marry or be involved with any
woman until he sees the specific sign to do so. The Rebbe gives him the ability to see
women's Souls, and the last Soul he is able to see before this power is taken back, is the
Sign that this is the woman destined for him.
The Rebbe sends him away to learn with a Kabbalist, with instructions not to return until
he has seen the Sign. He is sternly warned that no matter how beautiful a woman's Soul is,
if he can still see it, then she is either not destined to be his mate, or it is not yet the
right time.
Fifteen years pass, and the story is now in present day, where he is a wealthy computer
expert, and partner in a successful California high-tech firm. He has net many women
whom he would be happy to choose as a mate, but has never seen the required Sign, and
is resigned to an indeterminate future of loneliness.
One of his school friends who works at the same firm, tries to set him up with a beautiful
Chassidic woman who is a computer expert in her own right, but her Soul is not as it
should be.
His business brings him to a computer convention in Vegas, and he is informed that the
Rebbe's wife has passed on. He is grieved and lonely, and in the Convention Hotel, meets
a Hooker with the most beautiful Soul he has ever seen, a woman with a heart of gold,
who is more saintly about Things-That-Really-Matter than any woman he has ever met.
As the story progresses, it becomes clear that they are perfect Soul-mates, and only as the
story ends, to they understand why the Rebbe was upset, and then learn the surprising
destiny of their Souls.

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Writer Biography

I am, as yet, an 'undiscovered' new voice, (but, hopefully, not so artistically creative as to be recognized only posthumously).

My preferred pen name is Dustin Asch ,
(as in, ‘I am but Dust and Ash ...’),
and my real name is Moshe Gaerman.

The best way to reach me is through e-mail or cell-phone.
e-mail :
cell-phone: 646-206-5332

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Writer Statement

I want to write about Hope, Dignity, Second Chances, Love, and Divine Providence,
and to emphasize that a Person is so much more than the superficialities of appearance and vocation,
and that *no one* is ever truly *lost beyond hope*,
although to many of us, it may appear to be so.

Life is too short for sad endings, so i endeavor to produce a heart-warming story with a happy, and satisfying, surprising finish.

Please read my work,
(if only on the very off chance that you don't want to pass on the next J.K. Rowling ...)

With Profound Respect,
Dustin Asch // Moshe Gaerman