The Colors Of texas film festival focuses on giving people of color a platform to create, show, and learn about films! This festival aims to support minority filmmakers!

This festival was created by Madison Ureste who is a Lifetime Girl Scout Member for her Gold Award Project. A gold award project is equal to an Eagle Scout as it is the High Award a girl can receive! She has since earned the Gold Award for this amazing festival!

She has since gained Project advisors that are helping sustain the festival. NAACP in Temple, Texas, President Bennie Walsh, LULAC in Temple, Texas, President Judy Morales, The Cultural Activities Center, Executive Director Brock Boone, and Belton High School, President Ben Smith. All of these amazing Project advisors are all helping to sustain and support this festival!

The winner of the festival will be awarded a cash prize of $100. The winner is chosen by the people!

The film must meet all these requirements to be screened:
1. P to PG rating (Family Friendly
2. Needs to be less than 10 minutes