CIAFF 2017 was held Saturday, July 15, 2017, from 2PM 'til 10 PM, 2017 at The Bug Theater, Denver, Colorado. Congratulations to award winners and thank you to everyone!

We are planning our 2nd annual event to be held over 3-4 days in mid-July at Denver Open Media, 700 Kalamath Street, Denver. We welcome both documentary and fictional projects that promote generally positive messages related to Activism. We would love to feature your documentaries, dramatizations, music videos, re-enactments, comedies, comics, animations and personal narratives.

For CIAFF 2018 Music Videos are free to submit! Please be sure your submissions are relevant to the theme of "Activism." We will award Best Music Video. For films, we will award Best in Show, Best Animation/Titles, Best Music/Soundtrack, Best Cinematography & Best Acting. Depending on the number and type of submissions we receive, we'll hope to provide additional awards along with recognition for writing, music videos and songs, and photos.

“Thank you for my selection in such a prestigious award…I would like to dedicate this honor to the thousands of malnourished children who died and are struggling for their lives … to the young anemic mothers who are fighting against this generation’s long curse and to the migrant tribal laborers who work tirelessly on the hazardous work sites just to earn bread for their families... It’s very unfortunate that the largest democracy is celebrating its 67 years of independence and the tribal hamlets, which are on the outskirts of its economic capital, are becoming the victim of malnutrition ... Let the fire burning for the rights of our people end the cycle of poverty and hunger.” Yogini Surve, Director, Hunger, July 2017

Best in Show: Where's Larry? by John Surenkamp
Best Cinematography: A Hero in All of Us by Travis Lupher
Best Acting: Ya Albi by Christine Chen

Finalists: Environmental Fallout (screenplay) by Anthony Marzano, Where’s Larry? by John Surenkamp, Punks for West Papua by Anthony “Ash” Brennan, It Ain’t Easy Being Green by Crystal Fortwangler, The Demolition of Truth by Charles Ewing Smith, Tunnel Vision Documentary by Bessie Byrne, To the Ends of the Earth by David Lavallee, The Activists: War, Peace and Politics in the Streets by Michael Heaney, Ya Albi by Christine Chen, Ten Thousand Camels by Kent Flaagan, Illegal Aliens by Justin & Kristin Schaack, Alternative Math by David Maddox, A Hero in All of Us by Travis Lupher, Feral by David Liban, The Watchers by Edward King.

Semi-Finalists: Caged by Edward King, Prayer for Kidnapped Children (photo) by John Taschner, Fahrenheit 42.0 by Deuvall Dorsey, The Prince by Patrick Sabongui, Eliminated by Michael Thomas Cain, Hush Hush by Thomas Nolle, We the Uncivilized: A Life Story by Lily Rose Sequoia, Shash Jaa’: Bear’s Ears by Angelo Baca, No Childhood in Angola by Susana Andre, 30 Days to Say Goodbye by Edward King.

Official Selections: Mad Dash (screenplay) by William Leonard, A Chippy Off the Old Block (screenplay) by Kelly Jean Karam, 420 by Marc Schneider, Hunger by Mukta Bharti.

For CIAFF 2018, we are accepting donations at the door and in advance. All donations go toward supporting award-winning activist filmmakers, photographers/artists, musicians & writers. You can contact us via snail mail - In Care Of 4259 West Florida Avenue, # 19495 Denver, Colorado, USA [80219] - or by TEXT/CALL (720) 298-1524.

Here are the types of films we are looking for. To get a better idea, browse the selections at Films for Action & Top Documentary Films.

Submission topics include Food & Farming, Bible & Prophecy, Law & Jurisprudence, False Left/Right Political Paradigm, Right to Travel, Prisons & Prison Reform, Constitution, Anarchy, Liberty, Green Ideals & Economy, Feminist Ideas, Conservative Ideas, Cannabis/Hemp, Marijuana Legalization & Decriminalization, Medical Marijuana, Natural Healing, Arts/Artists, Biography, Conspiracy, Politics, Comedy & Satire, Crime, Drugs, Money & Economics, Environment/Ecology, Creative Arts & Filmmaking, Health, History, Media, Military/ War, Guns & 2nd Amendment, Music, Mystery, Magick, Nature, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Christianity, Science, Sexuality, Society, Sports, Technology, Astrology, Urban Planning, Civil Rights & Civil Asset Forfeiture, Police Brutality, Biology & Chemistry, Chemtrails & Geoengineering, Slavery & Reconstruction, Revolution & Declaration of Independence.

Activists submit short and feature-length films, screenplays, music, art, and photography for consideration by the CIAFF team.

CIAFF 2018 anticipates art, music, film and screenplay submissions from many countries. As our festival grows locally & online in popularity, we hope to screen submissions for up to two weeks at multiple venues all around the Denver area. In upcoming years, we hope to invite partners and volunteers from Colorado's SIE Film Center and similar professional groups. In the future, we hope to hold many panels and debates.

For CIAFF 2018, we will award Best Activism Themed Music Video & Best Hip & Cool Music Video. For films, we will award Best in Show, Best Animation/Titles, Best Music/Soundtrack, Best Cinematography & Best Acting. Depending on the number and types of submissions we receive, we'll hope to provide additional awards along with recognition for writing, music videos and songs, and photos.

For CIAFF 2017, we provided 3 formal awards: Best in Show, Best Cinematography, and Best Acting. We also divided the donations we received to award each of our winners. As our festival team and organizers secure volunteers, sponsorship, audience participation, & funding, in upcoming years, we hope to offer additional awards and prizes to sincere activist writers, artists, musicians & filmmakers.

Music videos must be music-track centric, meaning, a "Free-to-Submit" Music Video must feature the music/song/lyrics as the primary content, one single track from start to finish (not including credits). Also, the Music Video must show the musician and song title in the credits.

A short film that is highly visual with music added to emphasize, augment, and illustrate the visual content would not qualify as a Music Video. Please submit these under "All Categories." Please be sure your submission is relevant to the theme of our festival!

PLEASE NOTE: Submissions under a pen name must be pre-approved by festival organizers before submission. Call/text (720) 298-1524. All plans and practices are subject to change without notice.

It is up to our festival organizers whether we wish to grant an award or refund. All refund requests are handled at the discretion of our festival organizers. If submitters have a valid reason for a refund request, we will do our best to provide refunds. Please note that non-acceptance to our festival is not a valid reason for a refund.

To submit art, music and films to CIAFF, activists navigate to FIlmFreeway and click "Browse Festivals" in the main menu to get started. When they find our festival, they click "Submit Now" and our festival will be added to their shopping cart. Activists complete the check out process and they're all set – their project has been successfully submitted. Activists can add our festival to their Watch List simply by clicking 'Add to Watch List'.

Submission Statuses---

In Consideration: All submission requirements satisfied. Submission under review.

Incomplete: Festival awaiting receipt of submission or requesting additional information.

Disqualified: Festival has disqualified the submission from consideration.

Overall Rating
  • false
    Deuvall Dorsey

    I learned so much at this film festival

    October 2017
    Response from festival:

    We enjoyed your film, Fahrenheit 42.0! We look forward to working with you on our new project, Colorado International Cannabis & Hemp Film Festival (CICHFF) premiering April 2018.

  • false
    Crystal Fortwangler

    fantastic festival! great all around!

    July 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for sharing your film, It Ain't Easy Being Green! Besides being visually stunning and entertaining, it enlightened us on an important ecological topic for our times.

  • false
    Michael Thomas Cain

    I wasn't able to attend the festival, but it was an honor to be a part of this festival. Their mission is great, and everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic when communicating with me.

    July 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you - we really loved watching your film! We hope you'll continue to share your film projects with us!