CIAFF 2017 was held Saturday, July 15, 2017 at The Bug Theater, Denver, Colorado. We received 34 submissions and provided 16 awards for our first season. Please see our website for details. Thanks to submitters and congratulations to award winners! Warm thanks to our friends, family, guests, sponsors, judges, volunteers & venue!

CIAFF 2018 will be held over three days at Denver Open Media, 700 Kalamath Street, Denver on Thurs., July 12th, 2-8 PM, Friday, 2-8 PM, & Sat., 2:30-6 PM. Details & itinerary will be firmed up within two weeks of the event. $5 tickets went on sale May 11th @FilmFreeway. Your donation of any amount is welcome at the door when you attend. Thank you for your support!

We would love to feature your documentaries, dramatizations, comedies, animations, music videos and personal narratives. We also welcome your screenplays and art/photographs! Please be sure your submissions are relevant to our festival theme of "Activism."

“Thank you for my selection in such a prestigious award…Let the fire burning for the rights of our people end the cycle of poverty and hunger.” Yogini Surve, Director, Hunger, July 2017

Submission topics include Food & Farming, Bible & Prophecy, Law & Jurisprudence, False Left/Right Political Paradigm, Right to Travel, Prisons & Prison Reform, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Second Amendment, Liberty Preservation, Anarchy, Green & Feminist Ideals, Conservative Ideals, Cannabis & Hemp, Marijuana Legalization & Decriminalization, Medical Marijuana, Natural Healing, Math & Science, Economics.

Also, Arts/Artists, Biography, Conspiracy, Politics, Comedy & Satire, Crime, Drugs, Money & Economics, Environment/Ecology, Creative Arts & Filmmaking, Health, History, Media, Military/ War, Music, Mystery, Magick, Nature, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Christianity, Science, Sexuality, Society, Sports, Technology, Astrology, Astronomy, Cosmometry, Urban Planning, Civil Rights, Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform, Police Brutality, Biology & Chemistry, Chemtrails & Geoengineering, Slavery & Reconstruction, Declaration of Independence, Second American Revolution, Ron Paul.

CIAFF 2018 anticipates art, music, film and screenplay submissions from many countries. Activists submit short & feature-length films, screenplays, music, art, and photography for consideration by our team.

We are accepting sponsorship and donations at the door and in advance. All donations go toward supporting award-winning activist filmmakers, photographers/artists, musicians & writers. You can contact us via snail mail - In Care Of 4259 West Florida Avenue, # 19495 Denver, Colorado, USA [80219] - or by TEXT/CALL (720) 298-1524.

As our festival grows locally in popularity, we hope to invite partners and volunteers from the Denver area. We hope to screen submissions for up to two weeks at multiple venues. We hope to hold panels and debates.

Music Video (MV): 1) Best Hip & Cool Music Video, 2) Best Festival Theme Music Video, 3) "Rising Star" Music Video, 4) Best Colorado & the West Music Video, 5) Best International Music Video, 6) Best Animation in a Music Video, 7) Best Costumes & Makeup in a Music Video, 8) Best Production Design in a Music Video.

Film (F): 1) Best in Show Drama 2) Best in Show Documentary 3) Best Soundtrack Drama 4) Best Soundtrack Documentary 5) Best Cinematography Drama 6) Best Cinematography Documentary 7) Best Acting Drama 8) Best Host Documentary 9) Best Titles, Graphics & Animation Drama 10) Best Titles, Graphics & Animation Documentary 11) Best Animation Short/Feature 12) Best Dramatic Short, 13) Best Documentary Short 14) Best Comedic Short/Feature, 15) Best International Festival Theme, 16) Best USA Festival Theme 17) Best Costumes & Makeup Short/Feature 18) Best Production Design Drama 19) Best Production Design Documentary 20) "Rising Star" Film 21) Best Actor 22) Best Actress

Screenplay (S): 1) Best TV Screenplay 2) Best Festival Theme

Art (A): Best Festival Theme Artwork; Photo (P): Best Festival Theme Photo

Depending on the number and types of submissions we receive, we may provide alternative and/or additional awards.

As our festival acquires sponsorship and funding, we hope to offer many cash and other types of awards to talented activist filmmakers and creatives. All judges and award winners are automatically enrolled in our Learned Society, the Association for International Activist Filmmakers (a $100 value).

To volunteer, sponsor, judge and/or donate, contact us: By email,; By snail mail, In Care Of 4259 West Florida Avenue, # 19495 Denver, Colorado, USA; By text or call (720) 298-1524.

All plans and practices are subject to change without notice. Script submissions under a pen name must be pre-approved by festival organizers before submission. Call/text (720) 298-1524. Non-English speaking films and music videos should be subtitled in English.

It is up to our festival organizers whether we wish to grant an award or refund. All refund requests are handled at the discretion of our festival organizers. If submitters have a valid reason for a refund request, we will do our best to provide refunds. Please note that non-acceptance to our festival is not a valid reason for a refund.

Music videos must be music-track centric, featuring the music/song/lyrics as the primary content, one single track from start to finish (not including credits). Also, Music videos must show the musician & song title in the title and on-screen credits.

A short film that is highly visual with music added to emphasize, augment, and illustrate the visual content would not qualify as a music video. Please submit these under "All Categories." Please be sure your submission is relevant to the theme of our festival!

Submission Statuses may change as requirements are satisfied. Please email us for details if you receive an "Incomplete" or "Disqualified" status.

In Consideration: All submission requirements satisfied. Submission under review.

Incomplete: Festival awaiting receipt of submission or requesting additional information.

Disqualified: Festival has disqualified the submission from consideration.

Overall Rating
  • Deuvall Dorsey

    I learned so much at this film festival

    October 2017
    Response from festival:

    We enjoyed your film, Fahrenheit 42.0! We look forward to working with you on our new project, Colorado International Cannabis & Hemp Film Festival (CICHFF) premiering April 2018.

  • Crystal Fortwangler

    fantastic festival! great all around!

    July 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for sharing your film, It Ain't Easy Being Green! Besides being visually stunning and entertaining, it enlightened us on an important ecological topic for our times.

  • Michael Thomas Cain

    I wasn't able to attend the festival, but it was an honor to be a part of this festival. Their mission is great, and everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic when communicating with me.

    July 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you - we really loved watching your film! We hope you'll continue to share your film projects with us!