The Colorado Environmental Film Festival (CEFF) is a celebration of the power of film to inspire, educate, and motivate audiences. CEFF presents thought-provoking films and dialogue that raise awareness of a wide variety of interconnected ecological, social, and economic themes. The Festival provides an experience for the audience that goes beyond passive film viewing: CEFF inspires audiences into awareness and action.

If selected...
*Your film will be considered for a unique festival award, including the Best of Festival award, the Best Short award, the Best Feature award, Best Youth Film and the Spirit of Activism award.
*You will be able to market your film with the Colorado Environmental Film Festival official selection and, if selected for an award, an award logo (which will be made available at a later date).
*Your film will be considered by the many specialty distributors that attend our festival looking for new films.
*You will receive (2) Free Festival Passes to the festival (for you and one guest).
*VIP treatment: You will be met on arrival, introduced at your film's screening, and have a chance to take Q&As at the screening or to talk about your work (time allowing).
*You will receive free admission to all festival related events.
*You may sell copies of your film at the festival at a pre-designated CEFF booth and at your screening.
*Some forums and parallel discussion-related programs are in development in which you may be invited to participate.
*Your film will be considered for the Colorado Environmental Film Fest touring package - CEFF Caravan.
*Golden, Colorado is a wonderful place to visit and filmmakers the world over enjoy the equal proximity of the Rocky Mountains and the amenities of both Golden and nearby Denver and Boulder.

The Colorado Environmental Film Festival (CEFF) is primarily a platform for showcasing the best new environmental films. While the Festival does not exclude films with prior screenings, World, US, and Colorado Premiere submissions are strongly encouraged.

Our preferred method of submission is by secure online screener via CEFF’s FilmFreeway account. If you must submit your work on a NTSC DVD or BluRay (region-free or region 1) you will be responsible for delivery of a playable disc to us by the designated submission deadline. Please make sure your DVD plays all the way through, then label and pack your media carefully trying to minimize waste. All submissions must be sent prepaid, including any applicable customs fees. Films with non-English soundtracks must be submitted with embedded subtitles.

A panel of filmmakers, educators, media and conservation professionals chooses the films that are selected by CEFF. The quality of storytelling, production value, aesthetics and topic are principle factors in the selection of films for CEFF.

Multiple entries will be accepted provided they are submitted individually.
Entrants may resubmit film(s) submitted previously that were not accepted, as long as the film has been completed in the past 2 years.

All officially selected films and solicited materials by CEFF will be programmed into the Festival and will be screened in public venues. Most venues will have an admission fee.

CEFF is not responsible for notifying any parties other than the entrant, through its contact person, of entry status or of any questions or determinations regarding the entry.

CEFF does not provide screening fees or honorariums for submitted work — or for any film screening as part of the festival’s juried competition.

CEFF may deny acceptance of any film at its sole discretion. Entry fees are nonrefundable.

If the submission becomes an "Official Selection" and/or wins a Jury or Audience Award, CEFF requests that this be noted on promotional materials. Festival laurels are available to all Official Selections and Award winners.

Although every possible care will be taken with exhibition material in our possession, CEFF is not responsible for loss or damage. Please do not send originals, special prints or master tapes.

We ask that you let us know whether any filmmakers, actors or screenwriters may be available to attend CEFF screenings should your submission be selected for screening. CEFF makes no guarantee regarding travel expenses – we’ll do our best to help and we hope you’ll do your best to join us!

Official selections will receive full-access VIP Festival Passes to all CEFF screenings, workshops, parties and events.

Rights & Releases:

- By entering a film for consideration to CEFF, the submitter understands that they own or control the film's copyright and are duly authorized to submit the film to CEFF.

- You represent and warrant that the film contains no material that could result in legal claims (including without limitation tort claims, royalty claims, and claims for breach of contract), and that you will hold CEFF and its partners and agents harmless from any claims connected with the film, and that you will bear the cost of all legal fees incurred as a result of the defense of such a claim.

- It is the sole responsibility of the entity submitting the project to secure permission from the copyright holders of the material contained in the film.

- CEFF reserves the right to copy and use any publicity materials (photographs, film stills, trailers, and film segments up to 3 minutes) for non-commercial promotional purposes and for archival material, at no additional cost.

- You grant CEFF a non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual, royalty-free right and license to use and display the film and graphics/images (both still and moving) from the film (collectively the "Content") for the purpose of (i) showing the film one or more times over the course of the Festival, and (ii) promoting CEFF on its website, in marketing and promotional materials, and in its social media, and (iii) helping with outreach activities outside of the Festival. Our use of your content in this manner does not grant CEFF any ownership of your copyright or intellectual property.