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  • Maurizio Vincenzi
    Heaven in Blues, At the Center of the World, I don't want to see you, Sybaris the Great, If you need me
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    Music Video
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    2 minutes 52 seconds
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Director Biography - Maurizio Vincenzi

Maurizio Vincenzi has directed all of his video clips and all of his short films as director as well as songwriter/performer and personally supervised all the editing of his works.. both the video clips and the short films.. His screenplays too.

Born and raised in Sibari (Cs)-IT, he began to approach the guitar at the age of 12, a desired instrument from an early age, since when he was only 6 years old, in 1978 he had a flash for Rino Gaetano, after seeing him on a television broadcast in black and white in which Gianna sang, with the ukulele in her hands...

After a few approaches to the instrument, he began to create his first band with his childhood friends, (the very first performance in 1986. At first they were called the New Doors and then matured and resulted in the Running Free inspired by Iron Maiden bands in primis. It was the late 80's.

In the first months of '91, at the age of 19, for a competition he won in the railway (military) genius, Maurizio moved between Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta. Without ever abandoning his passion for music, in 93 after years self-taught he enrolled in rock guitar courses at the (C.P.M) Centro Professione Musica in Milan under the guidance of Franco Mussida (Premiata Forneria Marconi, De Andrè, Battisti, Guccini, Dalla etc.), Pietro la Pietra (Fiordaliso, Alex Baroni, Paoli , Morandi, etc.) and Andrea Braido (Vasco Rossi, Zucchero, Ramazzotti, etc.).
In 1994 he moved to Friuli and began writing his first songs.
In 1996, partly out of naivety, partly for fun, partly to explore the world of songwriting, thanks also to the help and support of his musician friend Giovanni Covassi (as producer), he made his first demo " Ma Che storia è”; a set of 11 unpublished songs with lyrics and music by his own hand (often performed live but never officially published).
At the end of this very first and pleasant Pontebbana experience (in Friuli), he moved to Como in 1996. There he had the opportunity to meet various musicians and insiders.
In that period he consolidates a strong friendship with the multifaceted Tommy De Angelis musician / cabaret artist and very acclaimed and appreciated radio voice especially in Lombardy (mediaset, rai, etc.). With the late Tommy, he collaborates on a series of projects including the Cabaroke (company of Rock Cabaret Music and Entertainment). The project grows and among others his friend Joe Calizzi (wrote Solo Noi brought to success by Toto Cutugno) and the Showman as well as Dj Ivan Stefanoni are part of it.
Also in that period he made friends with the producer / musician Julio Kaliandro (Vanadium, Rick Wakeman of Yes; Le Vibrazioni, Mia Martini; Toto Cutugno and countless others, in 93 bassist on stage at the Master of Rock with Pino Scotto with Iron maiden Headliner, etc) with which they form a flash project; a band featuring Joe Calizzi on vocals, Tommy de Angelis on drums and Vincenzi as guitarist.
Still in the Como environment, after closing the previous parenthesis, he joined a group with a "vintage rock" soul as a singer; the Soul Sacrifice, whose characteristic was to evoke sounds and "ambient" years 60/70 .. in the repertoire there is no shortage of songs by Deep Purple; Huriah Heep; Jimi Hendrix; but also songs from the very first Black Sabbath, Santana etc.

In 1999, after an audition, he was hired and enlisted as frontman by Mp3 of Como. An energetic rock band of Italian covers, with which he had the opportunity to tour both northern Italy and Switzerland. MP3 band Line Up: Maurizio Vincenzi – voice and acoustic guitar, Roby Vesnaver-Bass (Simone Tomassini, Sun Goes Down Band etc.), Nik Cairoli – Guitars; Andrea Bissacco – Drums (Luca Princiotta, Effect Modà etc); and Tony Princiotta, talented producer / guitarist as well as collaborator of numerous artists including Mal dei Primitives, Blaze Bayley and Dennis Stratton both ex Iron maiden, Ronnie Romero; (with Paolo Meneguzzi and participations in Sanremo, Top of the Pops, Rai and Mediaset programs etc). In the early 2000s, after a period of changes, two of the Settegrani brothers joined MP3: Mauro on guitar and Fabrizio on keyboards and backing vocals. (MP3 Band during some concerts.
Without ever ceasing with his live engagements, and ever more deeply involved in songwriting, he continues to write songs until in 2002 at the home studio "Granaio Rock" in Tarcento (Ud) under the management of his friend and colleague Franco De Geronimo, he begins to record (in draft version) numerous unreleased demo songs (signed by Maurizio Vincenzi all lyrics, music and guitar parts). Therefore, 2 demo albums are produced: Provvisoriamente (double of unreleased songs) and Please Wait (includes revisited and revised songs -arranged from the previous work, Ma Che Storia è, from 96.

Also in 2002 he moved permanently to Veneto. Here he founded the Rossibar (Tribute to Vasco Rossi) and the Nucleo 99 (Italian Rock) composed by Fabiano Mazzoni and Luca Arrighini on guitars; Mauro Scrivante on bass and Daniele Bogo on drums.
Thanks to these two projects, he has the opportunity to perform in numerous Italian stages and venues.
From 2009 to 2013, for 5 consecutive editions, he performed in the prestigious and local area of ​​Vaschia: Il Bi Bap of Zocca in the province of Modena (natìo country of the national Blasko). Also in collaboration with the Massimo Riva music school, also from Zocca, he pays tribute with lives to both Vasco Rossi and his late friend and guitarist Massimo Riva (Steve Rogers Band, Vasco Rossi).
He plays on several occasions with the Rossibar project with many musicians including the Trieste guitarist/producer/arranger Maurizio Vercon (Warner Europe and Thunder label Germany as arranger. He is endorser for ELIXIR strings and cables,Huges & Kettner amps and pedals,Essetipicks plectrums ,ESP Guitar,Droplay Promega cases) ,Ivan Geronazzo (guitarist for Patty Pravo,Red Canzian); William Dotto (teacher and virtuoso guitarist among others with "Le Orme") and Andrea grafting (saxophonist of Vasco Rossi).. not missing some television appearances.
In 2011 the idea of ​​the single "at the center of the world" was born. He entrusts the production to his longtime friend and fellow “Villapianese” (acquaintance since school) Nic Angileri (Producer/Bassist: Renato Zero, Baccini, Jan Paice-Deep purple; John Petrucci-Dream Theater). Once the work has been planned and planned, they meet in Lugano at the Ste Scenini Stairway Studio to proceed with the recording of the piece. For the workings of the song, in addition to Nic Angileri on bass and production, the following are involved: on drums Rocco Lombardi (Bobby Watson, Terry Evans, etc); Claudio Bodini on keyboards and Luca Princiotta, virtuoso and talented guitarist of international fame who has collaborated among others with Pino Scotto, Blaze Bayley of Iron Maiden and was for 15 years the guitarist/keyboardist of the legendary German group DORO, led by the iconic Teutonic singer Doro Pesch.
For this single the historic guitarist of Vasco Rossi is also involved: Maurizio Solieri. His are the spectacular solo parts of the piece (click here for the promo), recorded in his studio near Bologna with the collaboration of Stefano "Bitto" Bittelli (author/composer has collaborated in various capacities with various
artists: among these Vasco Rossi, Pooh, Lucio Dalla, Skiantos etc..
For Vasco he wrote Io No, You Want Something from Me and Standing Ovation.

The unreleased piece, in pure Italian Rock style enriched by solos and distorted guitars, is well received by insiders and "passed" on many Italian radio stations.
In 2017 the passion for writing and for cinema led him to write his first screenplay of "Sybaris The Great" based on an ancient story that really happened. Sybaris in fact, in ancient times was a large and powerful polis of Magna Graecia located on the coasts of the Ionian Sea near the mouth of the Crati river in Calabria. Sybaris, was barbarously destroyed by the Crotoniates in 510 BC. It is said that the army of Kroton was inspired and led by the illustrious Pythagoras and by the multi-winner Olympic hero Milone.
Two years of work to make the short film:
filming carried out in 15 different locations between Veneto and Calabria (Montello - Pianezze - Grotta del Buero Di Ciano - Piave River - Archaeological excavations of Sibaritide etc etc) and well over 250 figures involved in the project including: actors / extras and technicians , musicians and insiders etc.
A single carrier titled Sybaris was also made for the short film.
Piece that borders on the heavy metal style, recorded at the Virtual Studio in Treviso, mastered at the Abbey Road Studios in London (made famous by the Beatles where bands and artists such as Queen, Iron Maiden etc. later recorded.
(Nb: "Sybaris The Great", it was provisionally published in 2019; then withdrawn and revised in order to propose it to film competitions. The release is scheduled for the end of 2023).
Some Reviews: TrevisoToday - Infosibari - Calabrian Excellences - La Tribuna di Treviso Writes: “Sibari Nella Marca. the ideal location to reproduce in his series "The New Pope". but also a young director from Treviso/Calabria, Maurizio Vincenzi, has reconstructed in the landscape of the brand, the setting for his first film "Sybaris...the Great". (Facebook: Sybaris the Great).

In 2017, two more singles by Maurizio Vincenzi were released, recorded at the "Teatro delle voci studios" in Treviso under the guidance of Marino De Angeli. These are "I don't want to see you" and "If you need me". They will write :
OggiTreviso (1) - Infosibari (1) (2) - Treviso Today (1) - Southern Gazette (1) - Tribuna di Treviso (1).
In 2020 he is busy writing a new screenplay: Paradiso in Blues after two years of work a short film will be made. Heaven in Blues is the moving story of an old musician, reduced to poverty, touched by the loss of his son at an early age. For a sort of mystery, he will be the elected and only living earthling to be present at a great and unique event of celebration and music in Paradise wanted by the Nazarene; for one night only, all the souls of the legends of rock and blues passed away.
Touching story with twist at the end.
For the realization of this short film, as in the previous work,
filmed in two regions, Veneto and Calabria, here too many extras and insiders (over 150). The scene that takes place in Paradise bursts into the work, in a sort of location that is somewhat reminiscent of the "rustic and woody" music clubs of the American 20s/30s, where the protagonist (played by the author/ director), plays the single with the band
“Paradiso in Blues” (text and music by M.Vincenzi) in front of the “cheering” souls.
The aforementioned short film will be close (from mid-2023) to participation in various competitions for both national and international short films.
They write: infosibari - La Tribuna di Treviso - Cosenza Channel - TrevisoToday -
Upcoming projects:
Between 2023 and 2024, three short films signed by Vincenzi will participate in various film competitions both in the screenplay and in the production and direction, as well as in the musical part: the aforementioned Paradiso in Blues and Sybaris the Great and... La Vecchia chitarra found (a retro-style mini short that evokes the "attitudes" of the "nice rascals" made in Calabria in 2015 for the streets of the historic centers of Trebisacce, Plataci and San Lorenzo Bellizzi)

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