Experiencing Interruptions?

Club 27

What have you done if you find out that your life is counting? Is there really tomorrow?

The web series tells the story of Alice played by the actress Cintia Cordeiro. Alice is a 25 year old girl who is reluctant to get out of a common and repetitive routine. In the first season, she works in a Tattoos Studio, dating Rodrigo (Rodrigo Fernandes), a guy who has nothing to do with her. It is in a phase that has no ambition and no prospect of life at all. Your roommate, a love song she has. Scholarship your boss who dates Clara, does everything to get her anonymity. And Simone (Flavia Bhering), a very famous actress with an admirable mind, idolized by many, leads a life that Alice deep down would like to live light and fearless.

Alice's life has the same height as a quick and unexpected life to come to life from end to end. Since then she has been through a series of unusual situations involving encounters, mismatches, loves and disappointments.

In the second season now comes with twice as many episodes, 8 in total comes with much conflict in Alice's life. The quartet formed by Alice (Cintia Cordeiro), Beca (Gabi Lopes), Ana (Mariana Fuzka) and Simone (Flavia Bhering) embarks on a journey towards the changes that life imposes on Alice. But how are changes imposed by life or by ourselves? This is what you will find together with the audience.

The alterations of the protagonist will be well defined and marked by our forces and their drawings will be very different in the first time. The web serves it, masks it, masks Alice's entire internal restlessness until a major turnaround occurs.
Each episode has an average of 06 minutes that go by in the blink of an eye at the same time as a taste of end more at the end of each one. Stay Away.

And in spite of some very peculiar situations, the lightness of the text makes the series more difficult to be approached.
The "Club 27" series is perfect to make the viewer rethink their routine and review some concepts of what "living" means. At some point you can identify with the different situations in the web series.

  • Márcio Trigo
  • Marcélli Oliveira
  • Cintia Cordeiro
  • Cintia Cordeiro
    Key Cast
  • Gabi Lopes
    Key Cast
  • Mariana Fuzka
    Key Cast
    "Ana Clara"
  • Flávia Behring
    Key Cast
  • Rebecca Leão
    Key Cast
  • Viviane Borelli
    Key Cast
  • Lívia Cardoso
    Key Cast
  • Diego Lima
    Key Cast
  • Angela Dippe
    Key Cast
  • Léon Fish
    Key Cast
  • Ricardo Fujji
    Equipe Clube 27
    Diretor de fotografia
  • Ismara Antunes
    Equipe Clube 27
    Assistente de direção
  • Letícia Farias
    Equipe Clube 27
    Diretora de arte
  • Cintia Cordeiro
    Equipe Clube 27
    Produtora executiva
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Clube 27
  • Project Type:
    Web / New Media
  • Runtime:
    25 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    September 24, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    10,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Rio Webfest
    Rio de Janeiro
    Rio Webfest
    Oficial Selection Best Original Idea
Director Biography - Márcio Trigo

1989 Friends of transit Author and Director
1992 Rê Bordosa, the sunset of a crazy Director
1993 The Little Alchemist Author and Director
1990 Doctor by force Director
1998 Motions of Grandpa Author and Director
2003 Maria Earthworm Director
2003 Leonce and Lena Composer and Musical Director
2005 The King's Tailor Composer and Musical Director
2005 The New Molecules of Grandpa Author, Composer and Director
2005 The Gravediggers Composer and Musical Director
2007 Kiss stolen Codiretor
2009 Bula da cumbuca Director
2012 Fantastic trip Director
2014 Neurotic Director
2014 Weddings inside out Director
2016 Although You Director
2017 Neurotic Director
2017 The Molecules of the Grandpa Writer


Year Title Lineup
1992 Cassette & Planet, Urgent! Director
1993 Os Trapalhões Assistant Director
2000 TV Globinho Director
2000 Bambuluá Director
2000 Angel Mix Creator and Director
2001 Sítio do Picapau Amarelo (2001) Director
2003 Land of the Peeled Boys Director
2004 Business Card Director
2004 The Little Alchemist Author and Director
2005 Direct Line Director
2006 Clara and the Shower of Time Author and Director
2006/2011 Domingão do Faustão Creative Director
2006/2009 The Caras de Pau Cocriador and Director
2009 The Adventure Clock Author and Director
2014 Love & Sex Director
2015 The Great Farce Director
2016 Multi Tom Director
2018 Treme Treme Director
2018 Dr. Darci Director
2018 Only Top Roterista Top
2018 Z4 Director


Year Title Lineup
1984 Bete Balance Actor
2006 The Story of Each Author, Screenwriter and Director
2014 Dress to Marry [39] Actor
2015 The Suicide Director
2015 Nazareth Director
2017 Federal Police, The Law Is For Everyone Art Consultant
2019 Nothing Is By Chance Director (Pre Production

2018 Club 27


Year Award Category Job indicated Result Ref
1980 VI SNT Award Best Children and Teen Show Manhas y Manias Won [1]
1981 VII SNT Award Best Performance Playing with Fire Won [2]
Mambembe Trophy Special Category Won [3]
1998 Coca-Cola Award for Young Theater Best Production of Grandpa's Vaires [7]
2006 Emmy Awards Children and Youth Clara and the Shower of the Time Indicated [21]
Ancine's Short Child Award Best Short Film The Story of Each One Won
2010 Extra TV Award Outstanding Humorous The Faces of Wood Won [40]
2011 Brazil Art Quality Award Best humor program
Best Actor in a Humorous Program Featured [41]
Montreux Comedy Awards Best Situation Comedy Won [42]
2015 Rio Web Fest Best Music Video Too Many Emotions

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Director Statement

Being a webserve director Club 27 makes me very enriching as a person. It's professional! working on a totally independent project makes me believe that love for art is very much alive! I am very proud to be part of this beautiful job!
Márcio Trigo