Close the tap is a video competition on climate change aimed at increasing awareness in people and foster the action towards a climate transition.
The world is challenging us to cut-off our GHG emissions, and we are called for action!

There are two possible topics to choose for developing the videos:
- One for all and all for one:
The mobilization of individuals is growing to force politics from below to make choices that are as difficult as crucial to tackle climate change…indeed, individuals often form groups able to make the difference.

- We eat the climate change:
The role of food choices is often underestimated, but the table is an important battleground against climate change, where the consumption of animal products, especially meat, plays a leading role.

The contest is open to two categories: live action videos and animated videos.

Cash awards are dedicated for the 5 most engaging videos.
- Animated videos: 1° prize 1.000€; 2° prize 300€.
- Live action videos: 1° prize 1.000€; 2° prize 300€.
- Special jury prize: 400€.

Please read all Regulation here: