As a short film festival for low & no budget productions, ClipAward explicitly addresses independent filmmakers who make films without big money. Therefore, your submissions may not be produced within the scope of media studies and/or exceed 500 Euro per minute. The maximum length is 15 minutes. The shorts for the international section have to be subtitled in English.

We show short features, animations, trash movies, documentaries, and music videos. And after all that, you can listen to live music. Anything is allowed - as long as it's short and cheap!

- In 2014, we had the following prizes:

For Best Short Movie:
1. Professional filming equipment worth 1.000 € (by MBF Frankfurt)
2. Internet-Kit worth 1.000 € (by GOT Intermedia Agency)
3. Workshop program worth 600 € (by FLIMMERMENSCHEN)
For Best Music Clip:
A production monitoring (by Famefabrik)

- In 2016, we had the following prizes.

- International Shorts: 300 €
- German Shorts: Workshop "Online-Marketing" by GOT Intermedia Agency
- Young Shorts: 4k-Action-Cam Somikon
- Music Clip: A production monitoring (by Famefabrik)

More Information soon...

ClipAward is a low and no budget short film festival. Therefore, your movies / music videos / installations must meet the following conditions:

The clips may not be realized within the scope of film studies (e.g., seminar work). This, however, does not mean that film and media students are generally excluded from participation. You may apply with movies that were realized in your leisure time.
- The production costs may not exceed 500€ per minute
- The maximum length is 15 minutes
- The submission is limited to max. 3 clips per director
- The shorts for the category "International Short" have to be subtitled in English
- The age limit for the "young short film" category is 18

The entry fee money is used for financing the festival which is organized on a low budget basis itself, thank you!

Overall Rating
  • Thomas Bauer

    Had no time to join, but just heard good things about ClipAward festival.

    March 2017
  • Leo Feisthauer

    Very nice festival with super friendly people! Thank you very much for featuring us!

    December 2016
  • Kadir Demir Cool festival next years agen...

    November 2016
  • Lilith Jörg KH

    Film is a powerful media not just to entertain children and parents. ClipAward is a festival which boosts extraordinary films and their ideas and creative potential standing behind it and stories about so many different issues facing filmmaker of all ages today. The castle of Mannheim gives an impressive backdrop.
    To award one filmmaker twice in the category of young film brings up the question if this decision is really a clever move to motivate young filmmaker.

    November 2016