(c) Capizzi/ MCCA - UN Habitat, 2016

Myanmar is endowed with one of the richest eco-systems and natural resources in South-East Asia, from which people depend for their livelihoods, social, economic and spiritual well-being. However, degradation of the environment, especially through deforestation, is rapidly affecting the natural capital of the Country, and therefore people depending on it. In addition, Myanmar is one of the most exposed countries to the negative effects of climate change. Observed changes in the last six decades already resulted in agricultural productivity, increased frequency and intensity of floods, cyclones and droughts, and included human cost and economic losses. Unfortunately, these changes are projected to continue. If mitigation at global level is not effective, increase in temperatures will continue, the Monsoon season will continue to shrink, and more destructive heavy rains, strong storms and cyclones, will affect the Country, while sea-level rise will provoke inundations and salinization.

The Goethe-Institut Myanmar together with the Myanmar Climate Change Alliance implemented by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and other like-minded partners have taken the initiative to organize an international film festival, creating more awareness for the signs and the reasons of climate change and environmental degradation.

Films - whether documentaries or fiction movies - are among the best means of informing people and drawing more public attention to the topic. Our festival will not only present internationally renowned and award-winning films but also lesser known works by filmmakers from Myanmar, from South East Asia and neighboring Asian countries.

Until the 15th of February 2017 we will accept your entries dealing with the worldwide environmental phenomenon of changing climate conditions: its reasons and initiatives as to how to oppose this global crisis.

We are focusing on short films of not more than 50 minutes and not more than four years old (2013).

There will be two categories of awards allotted by an international jury:

- one for the best films from Myanmar

- one for the best films from South East Asia and neighboring countries

In both categories there will be two prizes: USD 1.000,- and USD 2.000,-

Film entries must match the following criteria:

1) Non-English language productions must be submitted with embedded English on screen subtitles or voiceover

2) Film content must be related to the ecological threat of planet earth through climate change

3) Submissions must qualify as one of the following categories:
- Category 1| Productions from Myanmar
- Category 2| Production from South East Asian and neighbouring countries
We are focussing on short films of not more than 40 minutes and not more than four years old (2013)

4) DVD entries: must meet the professional production standards and ensure the compatibility and playback on standard and consumer desktop DVD players.
File downloads (preferred): in high resolution (1920×1080 pixels, 23.97fps, 48kHz Audio, Progressive scan, .mp4 or .mov format)

5) Please provide us with the following:
- A digital press kit including picture material in high resolution jpg format, a synopsis of the film, production credits and director biography including a picture
- If available, a link to an online trailer
- Contact information of the person in charge of the submission (name, telephone, e-mail)

Submission deadline: 15th of February 2017

- We must receive your physical copy or digital upload by the date of the deadline (it’s not a postmark deadline).
- Filmmakers will receive notification of their film's status in regards to official selection for the Film Festival by 15th March.
- NO submission fee!

The Film Submitter agrees that:

- All insurance and shipping costs covering the distribution of film exhibition copy to the festival are the responsibility of the film submitter.
- We do not return the submissions after the film festival.
- Film submitter agrees to grant the festival organizer to use all submitted press kit materials, in festival advertising and promotions (even up to 2mins of the film).

By entering a film submission, you are signaling that you understand, comply with and agree to the festival's rules and terms.