The Climate Crisis Film Festival is the UK’s first film festival dedicated specifically to channelling constructive action towards the most urgent issue of our time: the climate emergency.

We unpack this multifaceted subject from different perspectives through a carefully curated program of documentaries and accompanying talks, panel discussions, workshops and interactive events hosted in collaboration with a network of local to global action groups.

Our program is structured as a journey through our daily information overload, cutting through the noise, doom and gloom, and misinformation on the climate crisis, in order to distil a clearer pathway forward.

We aim to be a forum where local, national and international organisations, thought-leaders, and activists can create and strengthen links, exchange ideas, and coordinate action together with a broad audience. We strive to facilitate the creation of a space that can feel inclusive both to traditional environmentalists and to more mainstream audiences that may be concerned by climate change but not yet have a precise idea of how or where to get involved.

It is in this spirit that our festival focuses on giving viewers not only visual content to consume, but also access to the tools to demand the change we need. From participatory events, to free books and zines, via hands-on workshops, and links to concrete initiatives, big and small, we hope our audiences will leave with a sense of empowerment and readiness to act.
Having launched our first edition in London in 2019 with great success, we are expanding our festival to cities around the UK in order to reach as varied an audience as possible. Central to our long term vision is the belief that a network of informed and empowered communities across the country is crucial in tackling climate breakdown, and in the power of visual arts to be the catalyst.

To be eligible, films need to meet ALL of the following requirements:

1. Be under 10mins long.

2. Serve as a useful commentary on the climate crisis and be related to one (or more) of the topics listed above. A film about nature or environmentalism more in general (e.g. plastic in the oceans, protecting whales, animal rights, pollution, etc.) might not necessarily be relevant, unless it makes interesting links to the climate crisis.

3. Be in digital format. We don't accept physical screeners.

4. Be in English OR have English subtitles. We accept films made in any country and language, as long as English subtitles are provided.


We will strive to pick films following the criteria below:

1. 50% or more made by non-white directors (from BAME / minority backgrounds)

2. Show originality of thought and depth of understanding of the climate crisis, its roots and/or its solutions.

3. Be of high quality in the film's conception and production.


A few last things to note:

- We'll prioritise films made in the past 5 years, although we accept submission of older films too.

- We don't exclude any films on the basis of whether they have been on the festival circuit already, have been premiered already, or are available online (on Youtube, Vimeo etc.) — we want your films to reach as wide an audience as possible, not limit it!

- We accept documentaries, live action, animation, experimental, visual essays, and everything in between!

- We do accept rough cuts / work in progress.

- The submission fee cannot be waived and is non-refundable.