At Clearstream Entertainment, we are well-aware how hard it is to write a great script. And once you write it, then what? Getting past the agents, gatekeepers, and those who make promises they cannot (or will not) keep is frustrating. And that… Is being polite.

Starting this year Clearstream Entertainment is sponsoring a short-script screenwriting contest. Show us what you have! Every script will be read by at least two industry veterans (meaning they have been doing this for more than a little while!)

The goal of this contest is to put your script INTO PRODUCTION! Unique award statuettes have been designed for the top three scripts. Laurels for all semi-finalists and finalists.

1. The writer retains all rights to their script.
2. Clearstream Entertainment, LLC. reserves the right to option the winning script for a nominal fee. If a script is chosen to move into production the writer shall receive full and sole writing credit. Clearstream Entertainment reserves the right to modify the script to make production feasible and economical. Clearstream Entertainment will undertake all aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production with no external input or advice.
3. If the winning writer prefers not to put their title into production with Clearstream Entertainment, the writer shall be paid a First Place award of $500.
4. If, under advice of the industry readers, no script is worthy of production, Clearstream Entertainment reserves the right to withhold a First Place winner.
5. First Place, Second Place, and Third Place winners will receive a statuette. Finalists and semi-finalists will receive laurels.
6. Clearstream Entertainment award decisions are final and the company will not enter into communications regarding any script.