Clean Shorts Film Festival is hosting a FREE Film Challenge for Oklahoma Students!

Create a film using the required elements, and compete against other students from Oklahoma for Trophies and Prizes!

The Clean Shorts Student Fest Film Challenge includes Middle School, High School and College/Career Tech Divisions! Oklahoma Students Only!

Register for Free at:

Films will be screened during Clean Shorts Student Fest. March 26, 2021 (10am - 3pm).
Trophies and Prizes will be awarded to the best films, based on our judges scoring.

The Film Challenge Rules are Simple:
* Oklahoma Students Only

* Create a 3-6 minute, Total Run Time – Including Credits (TRT), video using the Required Elements. (Middle School Division: 2-4 Minute TRT)

* The first 9 seconds of the film must include:
- 2 seconds of black
- 5 second Title Card listing chosen Prop, Line of Dialogue and Genre
- 2 seconds of black

* Title Slate, Opening Credits and Closing Credits count as part of the TRT.

* Follow the existing Clean Shorts Film Festival Rules for acceptable films.
See "Rules & Terms" for details on festival rules.

* Oklahoma Middle School Students ONLY on Middle School film crews.

* Oklahoma High School Students ONLY on High School film crews.

* Oklahoma Career Tech/College Students ONLY on College film crews.

* All Crew members on the each film crew must be current students. (Copy of Student ID or statement from the school is required)

* Non-Student on-screen talent is acceptable.

* Submissions open October 20, 2020. Deadline to Submit is February 28, 2021.

* Film must be made during the contest deadlines only. No previous footage allowed.

* Multiple Submissions are allowed.

To participate in the challenge, click the link below to verify eligibility.

Required Filmmaking Elements and Submission Password will be revealed via response email.

Happy Filmmaking!

The Top Film in each category will receive custom trophies designed and manufactured at EOC Technology Center.

More prizes will be awarded as well.
Check back for more details including prize sponsorships!

Clean Shorts Film Festival Rules:

All genres will be accepted for entry with the exception of adult subject matter.

All films accepted will meet the festival guidelines, which is based on the motion picture rating system, PG rating, with strict adherence to the following:

• No Vulgarity
• No F*Bombs
• No Nudity
• No Gore
• No Adult Oriented Material

Films should be appropriate for all audiences.

Official Selections will be based on adherence to the Clean Shorts Film Festival Guidelines, Judges Scoring Process, and the discretion of the Clean Shorts Film Festival Organizing Committee.

Clean Shorts Film Festival encourages filmmaker's to submit family oriented films. All genres will be accepted, including but not limited to Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Animation, etc.

Many customized awards including student film awards, and music video awards will be presented to filmmakers during the Awards Program on the closing night of our festival.

Entry & Screening:

Entry & Screening materials will not be returned unless paid shipping is provided. Entries may be submitted in the following formats: DVD, Data DVD, Blu-Ray, USB drive or digital transfer. Entry fees must be in U.S. Dollars and received in form of U.S. Bank Check or Money Order. Online payments are also accepted through

Entry fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

All entries selected for screening receive two (2) event passes in addition to other benefits.

Clean Shorts Film Festival does not accept pornography, gore or vulgarity.

Accepted entries will be requested to provide additional materials including Digital Poster, Filmmaker-Director Bio, High Resolution Color stills, and a Cast/Credit information sheet.

Clean Shorts will contact applicants at various times regarding their film, thus an e-mail address is required.

Screening dates, times and number of screenings is at the sole discretion of the festival programmer.

By digitally signing and submitting an entry, submitter expressly agrees to be bound by the terms of the official rules and regulations including but not limited to release of their submission. Additionally, submitter expressly states that he/she/they have the authority to waive any interest, right, or claim of any other party may have with regard to their interest in the submission. Further, submitter expressly agrees to defend and hold Clean Shorts Film Festival harmless from any claim arising out the use or release of the submission.