For films produced worldwide that are less than 15 minutes in length, from filmmakers of all experience levels. (Sorry, no music videos).

Our festival takes place in Clatskanie, Oregon, a small community located between Portland and Astoria. Our venue is the beautiful, newly renovated 175 seat Clatskanie Cultural Center, located in the historic I.O.O.F. building.. We are a small festival with a big heart, and we look forward to having our first film festival in Clatskanie.

Our festival is for short films that are 15 minutes or less, produced anywhere in the world. We welcome narratives, documentaries, PSAs, web series, trailers, and animation. (Sorry, no music videos). Equal and fair consideration is given to ALL filmmakers, regardless of where you live, or the size of your budget.

Winners are selected by a panel of five judges, who carefully grade each film on its technical merits, acting, script, and entertainment value. The films with good audio and strong stories have the greatest chance of being selected. These “Official Selections” will all receive “festival laurels”, and will compete for awards such as "Best Cinematography", "Best Editing", and several other categories. Winners are announced immediately after each block of films, during our Q&A sessions. We anticipate showing around 40 films this year.

Traveling to film festivals can be VERY expensive, so if you can't make it here to Clatskanie, don't worry. This will NOT affect the judging of your film in any fashion. "Official Selections" are chosen based on the merits of the FILMS, and NOT on "where you live". We look forward to showing films from all over the world.

Tickets to the festival are FREE for anyone who wishes to attend. So bring your whole cast, crew, and friends too. We will introduce you to our audience, and you will be able to participate in a Q&A after your block of films.

Award certificates will be presented in numerous categories, such as "Best Web Series"; "Best PSA"; "Best Documentary"; "Best Animation"; "Best Movie Trailer"; "Best Director"; "Best Short", and in many other categories. Winners who are unable to pick up their award in person will receive a nice "E-Certificate" via email, which can be printed at home for all of your cast and crew.

(1.)Your film must be no harsher than an "R" rating.
(2.) Films may have been produced any year.
(3.) We accept films from anywhere in the world. Films in a language other than English require English subtitles.
(4.) No premiere requirements.
(5.) Project may have distribution and may currently be online.
(6.) We no longer accept DVDs. Your preview and exhibition copies must be made available to us as a downloadable MP4, size not to exceed 2.5GB.
(7) If you are notified that your film is an "Official Selection", your downloadable MP4 exhibition copy less than 2.5GB must be made available to us no later than August 1,2019 to be included in our show reels. If we cannot contact you, or have no way to download your MP4, we reserve the right to replace your film with another entry.
(8.) Press Kits are not required. We will use the information and stills from your online press kit.
(9) No film may be withdrawn from the festival after the Official Selections have been announced.
(10) We do not pay "screening fees".
(11) Filmmakers attending our film festival must provide their own transportation, housing, meals, and expenses.
(12) Maximum running time of any entry shall not exceed 15-minutes, including credits.
(13) We do not screen "Music Videos".
(14) The version of your film that our judges look at is the one that is judged, so if you send a "work in progress" with unmixed audio and bad color, THAT'S the version that is judged. So a "work in progress" is not recommended.
(15) Sorry, no fee waivers Please do not ask.
(16) No refunds of entry fees. Judges decisions are final.

Overall Rating
  • Although I wasn't able to attend the festival, I'm was impressed by the fact that there was free attendance making it possible for "locals" from Clatskanie and surrounding communities to see films that would normally only be shown at "Big City" film festivals such as those held in Portland.

    I thought that awarding trophies (which most festivals do not hand out) to winning filmmakers was a nice touch.

    And I was pleased, of course, that my film, "The Sweetness of Spring," won the award for "Best Inspirational Film," thus inspiring me to continue making films.

    August 2019
    Response from festival:

    The audience loved your film, and we certainly hope that you will continue to make refreshing and uplifting films such as THE SWEETNESS OF SPRING.

  • Michael Genz

    A true honor to have been selected for 2nd place in the Animation category. The venue was well organized, all communication was clear, timely and concise. Thank you!

    August 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for submitting your film "MNI WICONI: WATER IS LIFE".
    It delivered a powerful message to our appreciative audience.

  • Rollyn Stafford

    I loved the theater, the hosts, and the people. Even though it only lasted one day, this festival was a great experience for me. I hope to return next year.

    August 2019
    Response from festival:

    We were delighted to have you there, and very happy that you enjoyed our program. We look forward to seeing you again.

  • Scott Hildula

    A one stoplight town tucked into a beautiful valley surrounded by Douglas Fir forests where a dedicated band of local volunteers have restored a 1920s derelict building into a masterpiece Art Deco theater with top-of-the-line projection and sound. Experience the delight of seeing the film you have agonized over for weeks and months blossom to its full potential on the big screen. Plus popcorn is only $1 a bag. Ray and Migdalia Etheridge bring their decades of filmmaking experience to bear by delivering a gem of a festival. Not to be missed.

    August 2019
    Response from festival:

    We did our best to deliver a good show, and we are thrilled that both the audience and the filmmakers left the building "feeling good". Thank you for your wonderful comments.

  • Fast Chris

    Amazing communication! I totally recommend this festival.
    My film LAST BREACH won the best trailer award.
    See you next time guys!

    August 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks, Chris. We appreciate it.