Clarissa Rosen is a freshman at the University of Southern California in the School of Cinematic Arts. Her passion for filmmaking stems from five years of photography and an interest in perspective, creating projects that explore the ways other people experience the world. With an interest in cinematography, she aims to use the camera to place audiences in the mind of the subject to replicate their eyes, and to tell a story, rather than show it. Within photography, she explores forms of mixed media and works on a conceptual level to comment on societal conditions.
As an employee of Interloper Films, a full service production company run by acclaimed documentarian Ondi Timoner, Clarissa is also well versed in the world of documentary filmmaking after managing social media for the film LAST FLIGHT HOME.
She has received the Book Award in Film and the Book Award in Photography from Marlborough School. She has been recognized by the Student Los Angeles Film Awards, LA Sun Film Fest, LA Indies, Broad St. Film Fest, and Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.
Outstanding Achievement in Narrative Activism
Topanga Film Festival
Los Angeles
University of Southern California
Cinema and Media Studies
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February 17, 2005
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Los Angeles
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Los Angeles
Los Angeles
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Résumé & Attachments
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