The Civitanova Film Festival was born in 2015 thanks to the collaboration between Michele Fofi and the cultural association "Fango & Assami".
This year, the seventh edition of the Festival will be organised by the new cultural association, "Favolacce".

Behind the Festival is the founders' idea to promote cinema at 360° by providing the tools necessary to analyse and comprehend the films showcased (thanks to the contibution of the authors) while describing the inception of a film, explaining the dynamics behind the production and the distribution, analysing new languages and the undercurrent socio-cultural changes, cultivating awareness of cinema heritage, promoting new and upcoming directors and enabling a spirit of community that fosters a healthy debate on the themes suggested and on how the directors turned their vision into art.

The focus of the event is the short films competition, which, after running for five years, has become an international platform for showcasing cinema works. Throughout the years the Festival welcomed cinema critics, established and upcoming directors, actors and professionals working in the industry. It's with their competence and expertise that we seek to promote cinema in order to develop a healthy environment and debate around cinema.

The 6th edition of the Civitanova Film Festival will be held between May 19th and 23rd 2020. It will have one main theme: love. As in our previous editions, we will feature an international competition for short films (which will be evaluated by a qualified Artistic Jury and by the public) as well as screenings, debates, round tables and entertainment.

During the days of the Festival we will screen the short films that are part of the Official Selection.
These will be competing for the following awards:

1) “Stelvio Massi” award (€ 800 + plate) - for best short film, picked by the Artistic Jury;

2) Best Director (€ 300 + plate) - picked by the Artistic Jury;

3) Best Actor in a female leading role (€ 300 + plate) - picked by the Artistic Jury;

4) Best Actor in a male leading role (€ 300 + targa) - picked by the Artistic Jury;

5) People's choice (plate) - picked by the audience;

6) “Fango & Assami” (€ 300 + plate) - for best short film picked by the commission responsible for the Official Selection and the Artistic Direction.

After being announced and when submitting to future festivals, the winners committ themselves to include in the opening credits of their short films the "Civitanova Film Festival" laurel, depicting name and logo of the Festival as well as the award assigned.

The awards will be handed to the authors (or their direct representatives) that will guarantee their presence at the award ceremony.


1. Organisation - The cultural association “Favolacce” from Civitanova
Marche (Italy) and Mr. Michele Fofi open the VII edition of the “Civitanova Film Festival” and the “Stelvio Massi” competition for independent short films.

2. Dates - The VII edition of the Festival will take place in Civitanova Marche (Italy), from July 26th to August 1st 2021 (location TBC). The afore mentioned dates could be subject to change under exceptional circumstances that may derive from future safety regulations due to the current Covid pandemic.

3. Eligibility - Every genre of short film is accepted (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental). Music videos are NOT accepted. Every format is accepted but the length must not exceed 20 minutes (including opening and closing credits). The shorts must have been produced after January 1st 2019. Films in foreign languages are accepted ONLY IF subtitles in Italian are provided. If the subtitles will not be included the short film WILL NOT be screened and will AUTOMATICALLY be excluded from the competition. In this case the submission fee WILL NOT be refundable. Short films who are competing in other festivals or who already won other festivals are accepted. We only accept one short film per author. The submission fee is €10.

4. Submissions - To submit the short films to the contest, the filmmakers MUST use the FilmFree-way platform AND MUST send an email to including the SUBMISSION FORM (available on our website under the section "BANDO") completed in capitals and signed. The subject of the email must include “Civitanova Film Festival – FORM *TITLE OF YOUR SHORT FILM*

This is a legal requirement related to current privacy regulations.
If you will not send us the SUBMISSION FORM, your submission WILL NOT be complete and official and your short film WILL NOT be considered.

5. Deadlines - Every detail included in section 4 must be sent within 16/04/2021. Any submission received after the date aforementioned will be excluded from the Festival.

6. Selection and Jury - All the films submitted to the Festival will be screened by the dedicated Commission and by the Artistic Direction responsible for the Official Selection of the short films that will compete for the Awards. The short films that will make the official selection will be screened in front of an audience between July 26th and August 1st 2021.
The short films that will become part of the Official Selection will be published on the website and on our social media channels after May 10th 2021. After this, the short films that are part of the Official Selection will be evaluated by the Artistic Jury and by the public (only for the "People's Choice award).
The judging that emerges from the voting of the Jury is unquestionable and will not be in any form or mean subject to appeal.

7. Promotion and Property Rights - By submitting a short film to the Festival you grant the organisation (non exclusive) rights to use parts of or images of the short film submitted for the sole purpose of promotion of the event. Such right is granted by accepting the conditions when submitting the short film. Parts of the short film or images of it might be used in other structures that revolve around cultural activities without profit (libraries, cultural centres) to further promote the Festival.

8. Copyright - The organisation behind the festival does not accept responsibility for the reproduction of audiovisual material which includes content covered by copyright whose status has not been cleared the respective national and/or international legal body. Such legal body, in case of Italian authors and films is the SIAE.

9. Privacy - Personal data collected by the Festival's Artistic Direction will be treated following Italian D.Lgs. 30 giugno 2003, n. 196 – Code concerning the protection of personal data updated to ver-sion 2.2 January 2020.

10. General Rules - The Artistic Direction is the ruling entity on controversial cases and on what is not precisely stated in this Rules & Terms (R&T) agreement. The Festival's Artistic Direction avails itself of the right to apply modifications to the present R&T for logistic or technical reasons. The Festival's Artistic Direction avails itself of the right to change the schedule if the changes applied are deemed necessary to the success of the Festival. The participation to the Festival is subject to the acceptance and following of the above mentioned R&T in its entirety and to the inclusion of the submission and the release form required.

11. Info & contacts - The following R&T is available (in Italian) on the official website for further info you can contact us at