Civilisation & Culture Documentary Film Festival main goal is to connect authors and viewers through incredible stories from all around the globe. We are interested in sharing your unique view of Civilisation and Culture with our audience, so grab your camera (or even a smartphone) and show us your part of the world. We are more interested in documentary and travel formats, so tell the story you want to tell, keeping that in mind. Camera lens is a powerful and magical tool that captures just a tiny fraction of your Civilisation and Culture but its also a window through which we can explore different parts of our little blue planet, in a relaxed setting of the festival.

GRAND PRIX - For the best Documentary Film chosen by the jury.

Prize: “Bell” statue that represents the symbol of the Civilisation & Culture Documentary Film Festival.

COMPLETION DATE: Films of any completion date are eligible for submission.

LANGUAGE: Prints can be in any language, but without hard coded subtitles. We also require that you send a transcript (.doc format) of your film in English language for translation purposes.


FESTIVAL NOTIFICATION: Notification will be sent by e-mail to the contact list on the entry form. You are responsible for updating Civilisation & Culture directly regarding any change to your contact information and ensuring that e-mails from us are not blocked by spam filters.

SUBMISSION FORMAT: Upload your film on Film must not be open for public. Via e-mail send the password and permission to download your film. One author can send 2 films. Films should not be longer than 20 minutes.


By submitting this documentary, I understand that I am agreeing to the following:

I own or control the copyright and I am duly authorized to submit this documentary film to the Civilisation & Culture Documentary Film Festival (Civilisation & Culture) and to the best of my knowledge, all statements on this documentary are true. This documentary contains no material which could result in tort claims, royalty claims, claims for breach of contract, or claims of any sort whatsoever. If this documentary is selected for screening at Civilisation & Culture, I grant Civilisation & Culture the right to screen this film in Croatia for the duration of the Festival. I understand and agree that this film entry, if selected for screening, may be used for promotional purposes of the Festival Civilisation & Culture and/or its partners and I grant Civilisation & Culture and its partners the right to use up to two minutes of footage, photographic stills and/or titles and information from the film for promotional purposes. I fully indemnify Civilisation & Culture and its partners harmless from: a) damage to or loss of the film print of festival possession of the entry. b) from any claim which may arise in connection with this documentary film. If a claim arises in connection with this film, I will bear all the costs of defense incurred by Civilisation & Culture and pay any award of damages which may ensue. I also agree to reimburse Civilisation & Culture for any attorney fees incurred in connection with the defense of such a claim. I understand that Civilisation & Culture reserves the right to place my film in the appropriate competition category. By submitting my film, I am indicating that I understand, comply and agree to the Terms of Entry and the eligibility requirements.