We host the Cultural Cinema Showcase annually to highlight and celebrate cultural diversity. Culture is not just one's race, nationality, or heritage. Culture is also about one's way of life.

Before submitting, please be certain your film is aligned with the category you are submitting to. Films that are not theme/category appropriate will be disqualified. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Our showcase highlights underrepresented stories and/or underrepresented storytellers. Specifically, we seek submissions in the following main categories: Specific annual theme (if any, it will be announced and will feature a category), African American/Black/Caribbean; Asian American, Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino/a/e, International, Students, and local Huntington Beach filmmakers and/or films celebrating the "culture" of Huntington Beach - surfing, biking, ocean conservation.

2022-2023 THEME: "STAND UP. SPEAK TRUTH." Although we accept most film types, family friendly content addressing this theme will be heavily sought and considered.

Huntington Beach is a seaside city within Orange County in Southern California. Known for its beautiful beach, mild climate, and excellent surfing, it earned the nickname of Surf City USA. This event is sponsored by Dominion InnerTainment in partnership with the Huntington Beach Human Relations Committee, HBTV, and The Huntington Beach Public Library.

The Huntington Beach Human Relations Committee inspires and promotes mutual understanding, respect, safety and the wellbeing of all in our community through education and engagement. The Huntington Beach community-wide effort to promote human dignity is an important element in building a better community. In support of this mission, we select films that promote healthy conversation and create interactive dialogue circles to further the various causes within the community.

Plaque/Award/Trophy presented to the top 3 films - award winner must be present to receive award; Additional top performing, family-friendly films will be selected for HBTV - Huntington Beach's dedicated channel, digital Laurels, selected panel invitations, Official selections and High-Commendation films will screen in-person (COVID guidelines permitted); All films - Honorable Mentions, Official Selections and High Commendation films will be announced on our website. All submitting filmmakers will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual networking event a few days before the live screenings.

1. You may NOT resubmit a film that was previously submitted, whether the film was accepted or not selected, whether the film received an honorable mention or placed in any other categories, or screened. Due to the abundance of films received each cycle, we no longer accept previously submitted films of any kind.
2. You may not submit more than TWO films during a showcase cycle. If you submit more than two, the other films after the first two will be disqualified.
3. You may only submit in up to TWO categories. If you attempt to submit in more than two categories, all submissions will be disqualified.
4. We no longer accept Music Videos. Any videos submitted prior to November 15th, 2023 will still be considered.

1. The TRT (total run time) limits of all films include the complete end credits.
2. Any submission exceeding the time limit of the category the film was entered, will be disqualified.
3. The TRT for all films for this showcase cycle is 20 minutes.
4. Any submission over 20 minutes will be disqualified.
5. Films must be a minimum of 3 minutes.

1. If your film includes non-English language, please include subtitles within the film or an option to turn them on via other platforms.
2. Non-English language films without subtitles may be disqualified or may not be ranked as high if the screeners are unable to understand the context.

1. Acceptable submission formats are: FilmFreeway, Vimeo, or YouTube. If your film is submitted in any other format it will be labeled as "Incomplete."
2. After 2 or more days of being "Incomplete" the project may be disqualified.
3. If submitting a password-protected project, please remember to include passwords, if applicable. Also, be sure the password is correct. If the project contains an incorrect password, we will make attempts to reach the submitter for correction or assistance. If there is no response, the submissions may be disqualified.

Currently, we do not accept DCP formats. If your film is selected, you must allow us to download an MP4 file (1080 HD) or upload a digital file of your project (MP4 - 1080 HD), within 7 days. You will receive additional instructions from the showcase coordinators, if needed. If you or your film is selected for panel, additional information will be requested beforehand.

By submitting a project to the Huntington Beach Cultural Cinema Showcase, the applicant confirms and warrants that they are entitled to submit the project to the Huntington Beach Cultural Cinema Showcase and have authorization and consent from the owners of copyright and related rights, any trademarked content and/or other subject matter of intellectual property on the content included within the submission. Dominion InnerTainment, The City of Huntington Beach and all its affiliates, will not and cannot be held liable for any infringements.

Furthermore, by submitting to the Huntington Beach Cultural Cinema Showcase the applicant guarantees that all rights are cleared, declares to be the owner of the rights in the work submitted and that he/she is authorized to grant rights of usage and/or to transfer it to third parties. PLEASE NOTE: If your film does not have proper releases and user rights, it may be disqualified.

Huntington Beach Cultural Cinema Showcase, its representatives, authorized persons and/or employees shall not be held responsible for any unauthorized inclusion of any content that might be the basis for third parties’ claims.

The applicant shall protect and fully indemnify Huntington Beach Cultural Cinema Showcase, all of its affiliates, representatives, authorized persons and/or employees against all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, and expenses arising out of or in connection with claims by third parties in relation to the submission.

Huntington Beach Cultural Cinema Showcase reserves the right to disqualify and exclude any film that is subject to third parties’ claims.

Please be advised, WE DO NOT PAY TO SHOWCASE, FEATURE OR SCREEN FILMS. If you have a distribution deal, by submitting to this showcase, you give us permission to display, broadcast, share, feature copyright protected content in our live, in-person screening, on our website and/or other online/streaming formats free of charge and without any claims of copyright or trademark infringement.

Overall Rating
  • Gerald Webb

    The City of Hunting Beach should be commended for creating this amazing platform to showcase the cultural diversity of Southern California. It is clear they are committed to uplifting underrepresented filmmakers and their films. VC Rhone, the festival director truly loves filmmakers and made every aspect of our experience great. I've recommended several other films and filmmakers to the festival already.

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your kind words, Gerald! We enjoyed having you on our panel. As an Emmy nominated producer you brought so much value and insight to the conversation and we look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!!

  • Han Edward So Eckelberg

    Huntington Beach Cultural Cinema Showcase was a great and welcoming experience. Thank you!

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hello Han! Congratulations on "Mak Fai Insider: Building Culture & Community" documentary receiving multiple acknowledgements and screening on our very own HBTV. Many of of our reviewers felt inspired by the work being done to engage youth in an honored tradition. We wish you continued success!!

  • Thank you for selecting and giving "I, Labyrinth" an Honorable Mention - more power to you guys!

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your response Jag!! "I, Labyrinth" was a well produced, animated film with a powerful message!


    It was great to be part of it.

    April 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for submitting "Breaking Point" which received an Honorable Mention in our February 2022 cycle. We wish you continued success!!

  • What a beautiful production in which to be included! Thank you jurors for including my short fantasy drama "Wind Spirits" in your lineup for 2021! I'm honored to be part of your festival, and to have my work appreciated by your curating team. Looking forward to presenting with you in the future.

    December 2021
    Response from festival:

    Shelby, it was our honor to highlight such a beautifully shot film with a wonderful message of healing. We wish you continued success!!