“Cinestrange” is dedicated to the international film. Alongside entertainment, which is clearly in the focus, special attention is devoted to the genre cinema. . “Cinestrange” has taken on the task each year to uncover another facet in the rich range of genre cinema. Besides big premieres, new discoveries and fancy misfits who seek to provide the right mix of ambition and entertainment, it is one of the essential functions of “Cinestrange” to promote the rediscovery of forgotten genres, to put them in the context of a reassessment with public appeal and make them available to everyone.

To integrate the interest in genre cinema into a content-related overall context, the retrospective of the works of an internationally successful director takes center stage of the examination, covering a focal point of the presented genre. In a relaxed atmosphere, it is supposes to provide the audience and interested persons with an opportunity to rediscover the genre and become acquainted with it, with a vivid exchange should arise between filmmakers and the audience. Panel discussions before and after the movie screenings are part of a program that also perceives itself as an active cultural exchange of filmmakers and the audience.

The festival is accompanied by activities that involve the audience actively, providing an opportunity to get to know the special paramount guest, who will be accompanied by other celebrities, in an informal atmosphere. An opening and closing film, an audience award as well as raffles with attractive prizes all around film round off the extensive program.

Starguests: Dario Argento (2012) // Joe Dante (2013) // John Badham (2014) // Hugh Hudson & John Hough (2015) // John Landis (2016)

Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Lifetime achievement Award

1. General Information
The Cinestrange Filmfestival aims to focus on the genre film. The 2016 festival will cover the genre of thriller / horror / action / creature / western / documentary / sci fi - films. Within this genre, feature films and short films can be entered.

2. Selection of participating films
The Cinestrange Filmfestival selection committee will decide which films will participate in the Festival on it’s own discretion. The committee is not obliged to justify its decision. After making a decision, the committee will notify successful submissions by August 1, 2016 approximately. The committee’s decision will be final.

3. Conditions of Entry
Upon entry of a film, a preview DVD (PAL or NTSC) shall be sent at the sender's cost to:

Cinestrange Filmfestival/Marctropolis
Besselstraße 1
38114 Braunschweig

Additionaly, the following material should be enclosed:
- a detailed summary of the film
- photographs, press materials and posters of the film
- a listing of the film's participation and awards received at any other film festivals.
- the director’s biography, filmography and a recent photo

The festival is not responsible for returning support material and viewing DVDs unless requested by the filmmaker. If returning is required, please include a post-paid envelope.

4. Film language
Submitted films must be available in German, English or with English subtitles.

5 Film Length
Submitted short films should not be longer than 49 minutes; submitted features shall be longer than 49 minutes

6. Screening Format
For screening purposes, films must be available in DCP, Blu-Ray.

7. Awards
The following prizes will be awarded:
a) The "Cinestrange Best Short Film" for an independent film production.
b) The "Cinestrange Best Feature Film". The award will be judged by a jury of three members, representing film business, press and film sciences. The festival director may be present at Jury meetings as a consultant on matters of procedure and regulations but has no right to vote. To be eligible for the Best Film Award, submitted films are not allowed to have had their cinematic release in Germany before the festival dates.

The winners of the above mentioned awards will be presented a trophy on the closing day of the festival. The winners will be permitted to include the logo of the festival and the prize when advertising the film (i.e.) on posters and in advertisements. The films submitted for all awards mentioned above accept that the Cinestrange Filmfestival can use the winning film for own advertising purposes.

8. Transport Instructions
Films accepted for the festival can be shipped on Blu-Ray or external hard disc drive.
Accepted films must be shipped to the festival by 1. September, 2016.
All storage media of the accepted films will be returned to the address indicated by the sender within three weeks of the last day of the Festival.

9. Liability
In case of loss or damage to a storage medium, the obligation of the festival is limited to compensating the producer or distributor only to the cost of the replacement of the storage medium itself, limited to a maximum of EUR 100,00.

The director of the festival has the right to rule on all cases not foreseen by these regulations as well as allowing for exceptions. By submitting the entry form the assigned acknowledges that he has read, understands and accepts these regulations.