We are a brand new festival based in Venice, Italy.
We provide in-depth interviews with the authors, monthly screening and an annual award event.

We seek and promote talented young directors from all over the world. We want to make them known - in particular - in the Italian market. We do it through in-depth interviews, curated critical reviews, projections in non-theatrical spaces in Vennice, Italy.

You can send any kind of film, (art, music, animation, etc.). What interest us are the ideas you express. We fully appreciate the ability to express a vision of the world by using the particular characteristics of the cinematographic medium. We value cinema as an instrument of knowledge. This means that even a film with poor economic and technical means can be presented.

Any genre is fine, we’ll take care of classifying the movies.
It doesn’t need to be recent.
If your film is participating in other festivals or reviews is fine, we do not ask for exclusivity. In other words, what matters is the “internal” quality of the film: the ideas it expresses and how they are expressed.


How does it work ?

We publish and promote only a selected number of the films received.
The registration fees are used to pay for the work of vision, evaluation, promotion of
the selected films, and interviews with the authors.
For this reason, we do not provide discount or free vouchers.

Note that we are bilingual:
we pay particular attention to the Italian market and public.
For this reason:
You can add subtitles after having been selected.
We can make Italian subtitles upon your request.

We publish the selected films on this site and we:

- carry out in-depth interviews with the authors
- translate the interviews into Italian.
- publis them in our Vimeo Collection .
- publish a post on Facebook and Instagram.
- include them in our Newsletter.
- screen winner films in Venice, in variuos venues, even more than once (useful for IMDB)
- network with the Venice Intercultural Fim Festival (VIFF).

Rules& Terms

By submitting your film to the festival you (filmmaker or institution) assume the “applicant” role. This means that you confirm that you own the full rights of your film and have the permission to submit it and and you are responsible for the content you are providing.
You - the applicant - grants us permission for publish your film on Cinematic Perception websites and on our vimeo Vimeo channel.
You - the applicant - give us permission to screen your film for free in non-profit and non-theatrical situations.
You - the applicant - give us permission to use your images and screenshot free of charge within Cinematic Perception's promotional communication activities.
Online screener is necessary and VIFF must be allowed to download your film.
You must be 18 years or older to enter the festival’s competition.

Newsletter. Whoever sends us his film through FilmFreeway agrees to receive our newsletter which will keep him informed of new films reviewed every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time. No spam and we keep your email confidential.