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Cinebis tours winning films around the country to further expose America to patient stories - that have to stand in for medical research until we deschedule the plant off the Controlled Substances Act.

This year, the festival itself lands on Route 66 in Albuquerque this November. Meanwhile, you can maybe catch us out on the road with the Plant A Seed for Cannabis Education 2018 World Tour.

In the first session, we'll screen the 5 Cannagory winners from 2016. After the dinner break, we'll jump right into the 2018 submissions to determine a single Audience Award winner for 2018.

2016 featured unique hand-crafted awards by local artisans!

Film awards designed in soft glass by J9 (Jannine Scott).

Grand Story award designed by Bari Snyder (The Perfect Write).

2018 Awards include a large glass unit from Rocky Mountain Glass and more TBD.