We are a new film festival hosted by a initiative group of filmmakers and movie enthusiasts. Our goal is to promote foreign films from around the world and bring creators together.

In each CineShorts edition, filmmakers can submit their projects to have them judged by a multi award winning jury. Every submission can add numerous additional judging categories, but must submit to a main category to be considered for additional consideration.

Are you ready? This... is CineShorts.

The films selected for the CineShorts film competition will be considered for the following awards:

- Best Short Film
- Best Feature Film
- Best Documentary
- Best Animation
- Best Cinematography
- Best Director
- Best First-Time Director
- Best Editor
- Best Music Composer

We accept films of any genre that represent our name: CineShorts. What does that mean? Your film has to be CINEmatic masterpiece. We leave it up to you to decide that. Also, we accept any film that has been completed after January 1, 2020. Films that have debuted online are ineligible.

Subtitles: Please submit subtitles on all work except English narratives. Every film spoken in an language different than English must have English subtitles, since this is an international festival.

All films are first viewed by the festival programmers and if selected given to the jury which will decide which films will be awarded in each category. Our programmers and jury will make final decisions and notify filmmakers accordingly. All decisions are final but further feedback is always provided.

We will nominate according to categories listed above and select the winning film in each category in the official selection.

CineShorts reserves the right to make any necessary changes in regulations or scheduling.
- The Festival Directorate may deny participation to any film unable to meet the technical requirements for a public screening of good quality.
- The festival has the right to disqualify a film.
- Only producers, directors, and main actors/actress can receive the physical awards at the live screening event. If you wish you can get your prize via mail but have to cover to extra cost of shipping.

You agree to indemnify us and hold us and our employees, owners, affiliates, and partners harmless from all claims and liability associated with your participation or entry to the CineShorts festival.

Submission of an entry gives the festival permission to have accepted work exhibited, photographed, locally (partly) telecast for promotion purposes only.