The world’s international book&movie festival CineLibri is an extraordinary annual event, inspired by the fruitful interaction of arts – cinema and literature, in particular. It takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria, every autumn, and shows the best examples of film adaptations based on significant literary works, both contemporary and classic. The festival is an important showcase for high-quality European film productions and co-productions.

CineLibri encompasses Official Selection of competing films which is the main program of the festival. Traditionally most of the selected films are national premieres projected in the most prestigious movie theatres and art spaces in Sofia. Prize-winners are announced by a in international jury, composed of a President and several film or art personalities (including famous producers, directors, art directors, screenwriters, actors and film composer) who determine the prizes for the feature films in Competition.

Award Criteria: The CineLibri statue for masterful literary adaptation is handed to the relevant film director, for their skillful translation of a literary work into the language of film. The selection is based on the sum of the following ratings: the quality of the screenplay adaptation, the camera work, the degree of truthfulness in the character representation, actors’ performances and the director’s approach, which must combine an innovative vision and a loyalty towards the spirit of the literary work.

Parallel Program consists of several sections: film classics and retrospectives; contemporary European film productions and co-productions; film panoramas and tributes to prominent directors and screenwriters; milestone documentaries and short films, various accompanying events, e.g. book premieres and discussions, educational lectures, masterclasses and workshops, VIP parties and cocktails with the special guests of the festival and others.

Only movies based on books will be accepted.