CineAsian Films is a film curation site dedicated to discovering the best short films by Asian filmmakers around the world. We want to amplify the voices of Asian filmmakers whose works are often overlooked and share them with a global audience that is hungry for original content.

CAF will work closely with all accepted filmmakers to create a review or interview for the website detailing the production and passion behind their work, and help promote the projects through our social media channels.

Note to filmmakers: Please make sure you check your spam/junk folders for the email you submitted to us with for any updates. If you have any questions, send us an email at or DM us on Instagram @cineasianfilms.

What type of films are you looking for?
CineAsian Films is accepting short films (40 minutes and under in running time) that MUST be either directed, written, produced by Asians/Pacific Islanders, starring Asians/Pacific Islanders, or made with a majority (at least 50%) Asian/Pacific Islander crew, as well as stories about Asian/Pacific Islander cultures and heritages of any genre. They can be from anywhere in the world. Any films made after 2012 are acceptable. Video quality must be at least 720p.

Do you accept feature film submissions?
Not yet. We are currently only accepting short films. If this changes in the near future, we will update accordingly.

Does my film need to be in English?
We accept films in any language. However, if your movie is not in English, we require English subtitles or dubbing. No exceptions.

Do you accept music videos?
Yes! We accept music videos with a running time of 10 minutes or less. All the other rules for films apply.

Can I submit more than one project?
Absolutely! Multiple submissions are permissible, but each project must be submitted as a separate entry.

How long will it take for me to hear back?
While we intend to get back to you as soon as possible, response time may vary depending to volume and other factors. The curation team will do its best to respond to your submission within a few weeks.

What if my film is already online?
No problem! We do not require exclusivity or any premiere status in order to be featured on our site. We do, however, grant priority to premiere releases.

What if my film is unreleased?
Not a problem at all. Just include the password in your submission form so we can access it.

Do you offer refunds?
Sorry, all fees are non-refundable.

My film is still in the festival circuit and not ready for an online release yet. Should I wait to submit?
No, we accept films still in the festival circuit. If we accept your film, we'll work directly with you to coordinate what works best for you and your film.

What happens when my film is accepted?
If your film is accepted, we will feature it on our website (with an embeddable video from YouTube or Vimeo that you provide so you get to keep all views and engagement – if you prefer that we upload the film for you, please let us know) along with either a review or email interview, or a director's statement in lieu of the other choices that you provide. We will also work with you on finding the best release date of your choice, and promote your work on our social media channels. (*If accepted, you grant us full permission to share clips, photos, trailers that you may provide for promotion on social media.*)

Will my film definitely be featured?
Unfortunately, not all submissions are guaranteed to be featured. We're selective about the work we choose to feature, but that in no way reflects on the quality of your work. We do try our best to feature as many original works as possible.

How will you promote my work?
You work will be featured on our website and shared across our social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). We encourage you and your cast and crew to also share the great news!

How long will my film or video be available?
Your film or video will be available for as long as you wish or for as long as the video is available online. If at any time, you want to remove your film or video, you can send us a request.

If my submission was rejected, can I submit it again?
You can only resubmit the same project if there were significant changes made to it.

What if I don't respond to you right away or in time after my film is accepted?
There's no rush. However, we reserve the right to go ahead and post any material we do have, including a trailer, synopsis, promotional images, and any director's statements available on our website and social media channels. When you do get back to us, we will make any changes and updates accordingly.