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Chuí Thermal

The movie tells the story of a 16-year-old girl who accompanies her mother to her favorite activity: the sauna. After the inexplicable disappearance of her mother and the elderly women who occupied the sauna, young Clarice embarks on a terrifying journey, confronting eerie visions and distorted realities, while her own identity and perception of time unravel before her eyes. As Clarice delves into the depths of the unknown, she discovers that the truth is more disturbing than she could have ever imagined.

  • Larissa Perini Murai
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    Short Script
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Writer Biography - Larissa Perini Murai

A graduate in Cinema from FAAP, Larissa Murai has been working in the audiovisual industry since the age of 12. She began as an actress on the Disney Channel, appearing in children's and teen programs for over 10 years. She continued working as an actress, which sparked her desire to take on roles in creation as well. Throughout her college years, she wrote and co-directed short films and music videos, always with the perspective of someone who had also been in front of the camera.

Her first job in a writer's room was as an assistant writer for the series "O Negociador" and shortly thereafter, "Sutura," two Amazon Exclusive series directed by Isabel Valiante and Diego Martins, respectively, both produced by Boutique Filmes. She worked as a content assistant for the writer and director Caroline Fioratti, developing series and feature films for streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Larissa was awarded a public grant in São Paulo to create her first professionally authored and directed short film, "Ainda estamos aqui," and she recently co-directed her first advertising campaign for the "Linus" brand.

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Writer Statement

The short film "CHUI THERMAL" plays a crucial role in exploring the theme of aging through the lens of psychological horror. In a narrative spanning just 10 minutes, the film delves deep into profound and complex issues that are relevant to all ages and genders. By bringing forth the fear of aging and its implications, the film offers a unique opportunity for reflection on fundamental aspects of the human condition and contemporary society. The deliberate choice to address the theme through the genre of psychological horror is a bold and impactful strategy. This approach challenges the conventional norms of cinema and entertainment, allowing the audience to be immersed in a visceral and emotional experience. The discomfort generated by the film not only keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat but also serves as a mirror of how society often avoids or denies the natural aging process.

Modern society, often obsessed with youth and the relentless pursuit of beauty, may overlook the difficulties and feelings associated with aging. "CHUI THERMAL" challenges this trend by offering an intriguing narrative that highlights the challenging realities that women face as they age. Issues such as self-esteem, loneliness, and social disconnection are sensitively explored, making the film's narrative a platform for empathy and understanding. By focusing on a female perspective, the film amplifies the voices of women and their unique experiences. The impact of these experiences is conveyed through the protagonist's terrifying journey, which resonates with people of all ages. The breaking of aesthetic standards and reflection on the intrinsic value of women regardless of age challenge the stereotypical notions often present in media and culture. This includes issues such as self-esteem, mental health, loneliness, and social disconnection that many older women may face as they age and their social networks change.

Furthermore, the film touches on mental health issues, loneliness, and the complex social dynamics that evolve as we age. Through the intricate plot and tense atmosphere of psychological horror, "CHUI THERMAL" leads the viewer to explore their own fear of aging, anxieties, and personal reflections. Ultimately, the film embraces a universal and timeless theme: aging and the human condition. The project offers a thought-provoking look at the complexities of the fear of aging, empowering the audience to confront their own concerns and discomforts. "CHUI THERMAL" will not only entertain but also encourage deep reflection on how we face the inevitable process of aging and its social and emotional implications.