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Christine Celozzi is an actress, director, and writer currently residing in Los Angeles. Her love for people and storytelling blossomed into a passion for acting when she began training in 2014 at the internationally acclaimed Straeon Acting Studios. She has also taken classes with Second City, BGB Studio, and Margie Haber Studio.
In 2019, her script, "For Nerivia", was selected for several festivals taking home a best screenplay award, among other finalist recognitions. Later that year, she received the 2019 Shawna E. Shea Memorial Foundation, Inc.’s Women in Film Fellowship award, for which she wrote, directed, and starred in her debut short film, the horror comedy “My Friends The Plants”.
In 2020, she was nominated for best actress at the Austin After Dark Film Festival for her leading role in the short film, "PARCHED". Later that year, she trained vigorously to perfect a Polish accent in preparation for the role of Irena in “The Plumber”, a WW2 short inspired by the true story of Noble Peace Prize nominee, Irena Sendler. The Plumber went on to win the grand jury prize at the Black Magic Collective Film Festival, Best Historical Film at Desoto Film Festival, Best International Short Film at Oakville Film Festival, was selected as a winner in the 6th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Contest, and is currently nominated for Best Actress, Best Drama Short, Best Director, and Best Cinematography at the upcoming Pictures Up Film Festival, amongst other finalist awards.
Christine's upcoming projects include an additional horror comedy short, a horror comedy digital media series, and a dark comedy feature.
  • Writer (3 Credits)
    For Nerivia
    Short Script
    Higher Ground
    Short Script
    My Friends The Plants2021
  • Acting (1 Credit)
    My Friends The Plants2021
  • Director (1 Credit)
    My Friends The Plants2021
Women in Film Fellowship Films
My Friends The Plants
Shawna Shea Film Festival
Sturbridge, MA
Best Short Screenplay
For Nerivia
Changing Face International Film Festival May 2019
Framingham State University
Double BS, minor in business
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Los Angeles, CA
Boston, MA
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Los Angeles | Boston you gotta be your own kinda weird. spaghetti connoisseur