Christie Pits Film Festival (CPFF) is a free, weekly outdoor film festival held each summer in Christie Pits Park, Toronto. The festival brings high quality, diverse and accessible film programming to the residents of Toronto's urban west end. Having completed its seventh summer season in 2017, the festival sees average audiences of 1000 people per night.

Voted by NOW Magazine as 1st runner up, Best Neighbourhood Festival, 2017.

The festival's programme includes a combination of popular and critically-acclaimed films that draw large audiences, carefully paired with local and Canadian short films. This allows us to expose our attendees to excellent homegrown films that they might not otherwise see, and to give local filmmakers large and welcoming audiences. Note that this festival pays screening rights to all films selected.

CPFF is the signature project of Toronto Outdoor Picture Show (TOPS), a not-for-profit dedicated to celebrating outdoor cinema with communities across the city. Originally founded as a two-night event in 2011, Christie Pits Film Festival grew rapidly to become a cornerstone of west end Toronto’s summer calendar.

In preparation for Summer 2018, the festival's eighth season, CPFF is holding an open call for submissions through January 22, 2018.

Twitter/Instagram: @TOpictureshow

• In keeping with the festival’s 2018 curatorial focus, films must be set in Toronto or depict Torontonians as their subjects or characters. They should showcase the city’s vibrant communities and/or profile the people that make the city unique. Content can include urbanism, communities, public spaces, real-life personalities, diversity, immigration, social justice, religion, politics, activism, music, art, and/or culture. All film genres and styles will be considered.
Feel free to interpret the theme broadly, but please be advised that only films set in Toronto (including the GTA) will be considered in 2018.
• Submissions MUST BE CANADIAN FILMS by independent filmmakers. Preference will be given to Ontario-based filmmakers. Films from other countries will not be considered.
• Films may be fictional, documentary, animated, live-action or experimental in style or nature.
• Both short films and feature length films will be considered. The festival does not screen mid-length films.
• Short films must be no longer than 20 minutes.
• Feature films must be at least 60 minutes, and should not exceed 120 minutes.
• Films are screened outdoors to audiences of all ages, and therefore should be rated PG or G by the OFRB. In lieu of an official rating, all films must nonetheless feature content suitable for a general audience. Please do not submit films that are excessively mature or violent, as they will not be considered.
• Films need not be recent. They may have already been screened theatrically. If screened previously at other festivals, please indicate that in your submission.
• Rough cuts are acceptable provided that the final version will be ready no later than May 31, 2018.
• Once invited, filmmakers will be required to submit their film(s) as a high-resolution digital file and as a Bluray/DVD disc for the purpose of exhibition.

The filmmakers of all selected works will be financially compensated by the festival for the right to screen their film(s), and will be invited to speak to the audience before the screening.

CPFF welcomes submissions from all filmmakers and is dedicated to showcasing stories deriving from all experiences. TOPS encourages submissions from women, recent graduates and members of minority groups, including but not limited to, filmmakers self-identifying as LGBTQ, Indigenous, visible minority, and persons with disabilities.