The CHRISTIAN FAMILY FILM FESTIVAL will follow Biblical ideals not Hollywood ideals.

FILM DISTRIBUTION AWARDS will be made to ALL winners in the CFFF 2019! NOW, short shorts from 1 minutes to feature length films of 72 minutes and longer will receive worldwide distribution on all digital platforms AND DVD'S (for feature length) in all major chain stores! The CFFF is now a content licensing agent for a leading established distribution company with 20 plus years in the business! Have YOUR dream fulfilled!

Our 3rd annual fall festival will be held September 7 and 8. Two full days of screenings, with a Q and A following for those filmmakers in attendance, plus the LENSKA FILMMAKERS SEMINAR! (Lenska has worked behind the scenes in all areas of filmmaking including distribution.) You will learn things you never heard before and to quote filmmakers at her workshop in NYC in JUNE at the INYFF, "We learned more in Diana Lenska's one hour workshop then in all the years of going to film seminars and workshops throughout the country". You cannot miss it!

In 2018 we introduced OUR trophy! NOT a mimic of the Hollywood Academy Awards BUT the ultimate trophy for a Christian Filmmaker. A gold cross with a Bible and praying hands on a marble base. Beautiful and inspiring!

On Sunday September 8th an award ceremony will be held with trophies and certificates presented to the winners WITH their distribution contract!

We are a filmmakers supported event and those filmmakers attending will receive priority in having their films screened. Those who attend will have a warm intimate screening with fellowship and networking with other Christian filmmakers in the unique setting for this venue PLUS the powerhouse workshop!

The CFFF has three levels of awards, GOLD, SILVER and MERIT certificates. Special trophies for outstanding productions, award laurels AND a chance for your film to be screened throughout Western New York at various churches and venues. Awards will be presented in the CARRIAGE HOUSE CINEMA. ALL AWARD WINNERS will receive a distribution contract!

Filmmakers attending the CFFF 2019 will be interviewed for InDvue TV and award winners will receive a special premiere screening of their winning film during the regular screening schedule of the Carriage House Cinema.

Shorts may be submitted from 1 minutes up to 50 minutes and features from 51 minutes to 2 hours. No porn, vulgarity, nudity or profanity will be accepted.


Full Gospel Shorts or Features are films that present Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation and present Biblical references in the film.

Inspirational Shorts and Features are either family oriented, children's films or inspiring films with a moral at its center.

All family oriented shorts, animations, features, documentaries, and music videos may be entered into the CHRISTIAN FAMILY FILM FESTIVAL.

The filmmaker must own all rights to his film and music or have secured them by the festival.

We will accept films made between 2010 to 2019.

Two DVD's or Blu-Rays must be sent at the time of your submission, mail it to:

P.O. Box 373
Ellington, NY 14732

It is up to everyone submitting their project to the CFFF to respond to our emails in a timely manner. We work with you but it is your responsibility to keep on top of notifications.

By submitting your film you give us the right to also screen it at our Carriage House Cinema as part of the awards presented and premiere screening.

Digital Awards and laurels will be presented to filmmakers that do not attend the festival. Actual award certificates and for 1st place a gold trophy will be presented to filmmakers who attend and support the CFFF 2019.

We are a seminar/workshop festival with screenings and distribution awards. Filmmakers attending the CFFF have priority in the screening schedule. We understand not everyone can attend but expect a core group of our selected films to have the filmmakers attend and support the festival.

Filmmakers and screenplay writers who cannot attend receive a digital award certificate.
Distribution awards are also made to those who cannot attend. An actual award can be created and sent to those not able to attend for the following cost which includes, shipping, handling, and insurance by priority mail. Trophy awards with embossed certificates and copy of program $60.00. Second and Third Place awards embossed certificate with program $30.00.

Overall Rating
  • Dave Orvis

    It was so refreshing to find a festival with a Christian theme. Although I was unable to attend the festival, I was able to submit my script/screenplay NEW COVENANT for consideration. I gained a deeper appreciation of the struggles of the Apostles during my research of this "alternate history", and I am honored to have received a Merit Award for my work. Thank you, CFFF.

    July 2019
  • CarrieAnn Lee

    Thank you for giving my film, "The Old Fool" the Silver Merit award (I am asuming that is second place :) Thank you also for not only making "Arthur the Pumpkin" an Official Selection, but for showing it at your festival. You provided an intimate setting within the beautiful little town of Ellington, NY. One of few festivals that I have been to where I felt relaxed the entire time and free to network. Diana Lenska was a gracious host and ran a lovely event. Thank you so much!

    June 2019
  • Tanya Huston

    I am glad that I attended this quaint festival. Diana was a gracious hostess and it was a pleasure meeting the other film makers.

    June 2019
  • What a wonderful film festival nestled in a historic venue! Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the film festival director and her efforts to put the filmmaker first when you participate in this film festival. The film festival director takes the time to personally get to know every filmmaker during the festival. If you want to feel like you and your film matters - don't hesitate - submit your film today!

    June 2019
  • brett hammond

    I loved the Christian Family Film Festival. This is different from many festivals of crowds of viewers and few filmmakers. This was a room full of filmmakers who's work was selected for the festival. Lots of awards and opportunities to meet other filmmakers, and learn about the industry. Looking forward to next year! Diana did a great job with communication and organization.

    June 2019