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Abhay Joshi, a young, bright Special Police Officer (SPO) conducts a police raid on a dingy hotel in the suburbs of mumbai. Though the police arrests few prostitutes along with their customers in the disgusting small rooms of the hotel, Abhay seems disappointed. He had information about a graver crime. Just then, he hears a muffled scream. He spots a thin boy escaping from beneath the hotel. Few minor girls run behind him. By the time police reaches the secret door, the boy and the girls disappear into the narrow lanes. The only saving grace of the failed raid is that they are able to find and rescue a 14 year old South Indian girl, Sani who had injured her leg while trying to escape. Abhay is infuriated with his team. Sani is distraught that she has been caught by the police. She wants to go back to her friend Anita(12). The only source of warmth in her horrible, traumatic life in the brothels was Anita who has been separated from her due to the raid. Abhay feels responsible for her misery. While Sani recovers from her trauma in the rehabilitation home of an NGO, Abhay instructs his team to trace the escaped boy and the minor girls including Anita. The police tap their informers and crack open the minor girls prostitution racket. The escaped boy, Jugnu(18) sells the minor girls at a new brothel and earns a promotion from its owner, Pawan(50). Jugnu, just a caretaker of girls earlier, turns a pimp now. In his greed to earn too much too soon, he calls an excustomer of girls who turns out to be a police informer. This time, Abhay sits down to plan the raid himself. His only concern is that the minor girls are scared of the police and they might again try to hide or run from the rescue team. The solution comes from the most unexpected place - the rehabilitation home. The rescue worker from the NGO, Sheela(35) tells Abhay that Sani wants to accompany them during the rescue raid. Abhay is happy to take Sani along but it is not up to him to involve a rescued minor girl in a rescue operation. They need to convince the senior judge. The judge refuses to allow Sani’s involvement in the raid as she does not want to risk sending Sani to a brothel again. Abhay and Sheela try to convince the judge. Finally, when Abhay assures the judge for Sani’s safety, the judge allows Sani to go with them. Abhay immediately sends a decoy customer to the brothel. He finds a minor girl named Anita there.

Would this police raid be successful? Would everything go as planned?
Would Sani be able to deal with her past?
Would they be able to rescue Anita?
Would they be able to arrest all the criminals?
When would the prostitution of minor girls stop?

  • Rohit Mittal
    Autohead, Megalopolis, Popcity
  • Akshendra Mishra
  • Contagious Online Media Network Pvt. Ltd.
  • Neetu
    Key Cast
  • Vikram Kochhar
    Key Cast
    "Abhay Joshi"
  • Faezeh Jalali
    Key Cast
  • Ashutosh
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    21 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    October 1, 2019
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Rohit Mittal

Rohit Mittal was born In Mumbai, India on 26th July 1987. He is a filmmaker based out of Mumbai India. He studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy in the L.A campus. His first feature film Autohead was showcased at major genre festivals in the world like Sitges in Spain and Bifan in South Korea(won best actor award) and had its India premier at MAMI where it won the special jury prize. Before it was sold to Netflix worldwide. He is currently working on his third feature film Angst. Which is a crime drama thriller. In July 2018 Rohit went to Bifan in South Korea with another of his project called Paradisco where it was selected as a special project in the the co production market.

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