The 8th China International Micro-Films Exhibition is an international micro-films exhibition, with the theme of “commonweal, art, prosperity, and development”, and main content of micro-films screening and exchange. The exhibition aims at discovering and cultivating responsible and mission-driven new film makers from the whole society, showing the high level works, which are reflecting the mainstream value, positive, and transferring positive energy, promoting the International creation and exchanges of micro-films, supporting outstanding micro-film production, gathering domestic and foreign films, media and so on cultural and human resources, and promoting the prosperity of film, television and culture market, and the development of micro-film industry.

Best Picture Grand Jury Prize
Best Director Best Actor
Best Actress Best Screenwriter
Best Cinematography Best Editor
Best Animated Micro-Film Best Documentary Micro-Film

The award winners will achieve cash award, award cup, and award certificate.

The 8th China International Micro-Films Exhibition Evaluation and Screening Articles

Article I
The Articles apply to Micro-Films evaluation and screening of the 8th China International Micro-Films Exhibition (CIMFE).

Article II
CIMFE is guided by SARFT China Network audiovisual Service Association, Propaganda Department of Central Communist Youth League, and National Art Logo Committee Micro-Film & Micro-Video Quality Management Standardization, is hosted by Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government, China Central Television, and CCTV Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio, and is co-organized by Film Arts Center of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Five continents Communication Center, Film and television center of the Ministry of Finance, Huaxia Micro-Movie Culture, and ChinaSo.

Article III
CIMFE will accept the Micro-Films to attend the evaluation and screening section, which are produced after 2019.01.01, and no longer than 45 minutes.

Article IV
1.Selected Micro-Films should be submitted with subtitles of both English and Chinese.
2.All application materials, including DVD will not be returned. Please save the copy before sending the application documents.
3.Once applicants send your Micro-Films to CIMFE, you are no longer permitted to withdrawal the selected works.

Article V
The CIMFE organizing committee will invite the relevant staffs of the shortlisted Micro-films to participate in CIMFE activities.

Article VI
1.The application materials including story summary, posters and stills of the shooting process will not only share in the promotional materials of CIMFE, such as CIMFE websites and publication.
2.Selectors must guarantee the reality and originality of the film. Ensure all information in the registration form is real.
3.Micro-Films selectors will take full responsibility for the tort of selected works, and bear the total loss of CIMFE due to the related issue.

Article VII
Selectors and applicants allow the organizing committee to edit/screen/show the selected Micro-FIlms for promotional purposes.

Article VIII
Micro-Films selectors will take full responsibility to the copyright of the relevant material(including but not limited to music)used in the selected works. If any legal dispute happens, applicants are required to be fully responsible for it.

Article IX
The right of final interpretation of the Articles is reserved by CIMFE Organizing Committee.

Overall Rating
  • It was a great experience. Everyone was very professional and our film got a lot of exposure. Thank you so much.

    July 2019
  • Irfan Nizam

    I dont have any letter from the festival. That's weird.

    May 2019
  • Rizgar Huseein Ahmed

    Good and inspiring , best regards

    January 2019
  • Anna Yanovskaya

    I don't Know ! I don't receive any Letter from the Festival ! Its Strange

    January 2019
  • Good and inspiring. Great opportunity for the micro film maker

    January 2019