We want to celebrate the video, animation, music, and trailers for video games. Submit any work related to video games. We primarily want video and audio used for actual games but we will also look at work about games as well.

Video games are the art form excelling the most at getting people to discuss art critically. Our festival is about inject some chillness into that. Creating love for the tons of promo work, audio, voice work and music that it takes to make a modern game.

Winners will be featured on https://www.twitch.tv/misscaitlin a Twitch Channel with 10.5 followers. The game will be played and the submitted work talked about.

Game Developers are told "You not only need to make a game, you need to make promotional videos, a trailer, a separate game play video, social media channel, a podcast, a youtube channel--" the list goes on and on. It's our opinion that it is too much.

Video Games is all about getting players to put hands on your game, but step one is getting eyes on your game. We want to make is a place where eyes will definitely get on your game and game creators can focus on making the game

You will have to explain what your involvement is in the work. Please also have the right to submit a game (get permission from publisher to: not only submit but subsequently having it played on twitch).

You will also have to provide a copy for us to play in the event of it being chosen.

A video will have to be submitted to enter HOWEVER our goal is to create an environment where game creators are met half way and can relax about promotion: a screen capture is fine.

MAKE SURE to list where or if the game is published.

IF YOUR ARE A MOVIE ABOUT GAMES you may be asked to answer questions about why it relates to modern game developers.