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Children of Catharsis

Everything is against you. The late capitalist environment shapes a citizen through complex, multi-layered and interdependent systemic violent practices. The post-Soviet environment makes these practices simpler and more outspoken. The grassroot response to the violence of the authorities becomes forcibly violent, especially with the participation of the far right, which has established itself as a radical and passionate component of the protest forces. At the same time, power optics are turning a peaceful protest in soft “liberal” forms into a blind spot of political speech, a passive resource of discontent that only awaits radicalization in a violent direction.
On the opening day of the exhibition, Vladyslav Plysetsky made a performance, the topic of which was the persecution of queer people by radical rights and the specifics of the interpersonal contact that arises between the persecutor and the persecuted.

Children of Catharsis: “Condole with the amoebas who climb the crosses” or “Hello to all the boys, bye to all the fuckers.”
(performance as part of the exhibition "Nacilla: Everything is against you")
Representatives of the ultra-right group "Katharsis" wrote threats to Vlad's acquaintances in social media. This situation formed the basis of the performance, de artist rozmіrkovuє over the centenaries of morality and violence.
“Ok. Call me as if you want me not to bent.” Accepting their comments, I beat the “sword” out of their hands and throw them into that very “Great Europe”, until such a stench go, creeping back, and trying to pull us, vchinyayuchi Valt on the streets of the city.
The stench sacrifice themselves, threatening with violent acts, slander the eyes of people like, on their minds, “they came out of morality”, forgetting about themselves and about those who have no morality in violence. To that I will read their comments and their names.”

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    3 minutes 13 seconds
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