The NY CIFF CHAUTAUQUA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is an IMDb CERTIFIED FESTIVAL! All current and past winners can now record their awards! AWARD WINNERS WILL RECEIVE DISTRIBUTION DEALS ON ALL MAJOR DIGITAL PLATFORMS AND DVD'S! The CIFF will be held the last weekend of July 2019 leading into the world famous Lucy Fest.

The 4th Annual Chautauqua International Film Festival will be held July 25 and 26th at the CAPPA THEATER of the Jackson Center in Jamestown, NY. For 2 days, Thursday and Friday the festival will screen award winning films from around the world. There will be the powerhouse LENSKA workshop on filmmaking and distribution and a red carpet award presentation ceremony will conclude the FINAL NIGHT July 26, at the CAPPA THEATER , Jackson Center Jamestown, NY.

ALL RULES below must be followed for your submission to be accepted and potentially have your film screened and become an official selection.

Filmmakers that attend the CIFF have a choice of their screening date and time, subject to availability. They will also have a Q and A after their screening.

The CIFF is working with other industry Pro's to develop some new proto-type screening and distribution. Winning Filmmakers will have the chance to have their films screened with the opportunity for multiple showings with a unique new concept in film promoting and distribution.

Join us for a profitable and fun filled 2 days. It is our goal to make the CIFF one of the most successful new film festivals in New York and worldwide.

1st Place includes the CIFF Trophy in each genre to be awarded, a Gold Award Certificate, potential screening of your film, the Red Carpet Award Ceremony and DISTRIBUTION DEAL!

2nd Place includes a Silver Award Certificate in each genre to be awarded, potential film screening with presentation award ceremony on the final night and DISTRIBUTION DEAL!

Films of Merit will be chosen to be screened during the festival, listed in the program and included in the award ceremonies under , Films of Merit". a select group of merit awards will be offered a distribution deal.

NOT ALL OFFICIAL SELECTIONS WILL BE SCREENED, but are qualified for consideration of any awards including distribution.

We are a filmmakers supported event and filmmakers that attend the CIFF are given first priority in having their film screened, and the day and time chosen as well.


1. Films may be submitted that were made between 2010 to the present. Only completed works may be submitted.

2. Filmmaker must own or have obtained all rights pertaining to their film and music used.

3. Films must be in English or with subtitles.

4. Films may be submitted from anywhere in the world.

5. All submissions will be online screeners through An account may be set up for free by any filmmaker.


A DVD and/or BLU-RAY must be submitted with the name of the film, your name, length of film, your contact number and CIFF printed clearly on the disc. and mailed to;

P.O. Box 306
Ellington, NY 14732

If we do not receive your DVD or Blu-Ray mailed at the time you submit to the CIFF your film will not be eligible for screening.


6. Submission genre's as listed on the Chautauqua International Film Festival CIFF, FilmFreeway Submission site.


Overall Rating
  • What an incredible experience to win Best Screenplay at the Chautauqua International Film Festival. It was such an honor to be recognized by CIFF and also warmly welcomed by my peers. It’s a small festival but it’s a good one, well worth attending and in Lucille Ball’s milieu at the Crystal Ballroom in Jamestown, NY. There were quality filmmakers from all over the country and the world in attendance, I highly recommend CIFF and plan to enter again next year.

    August 2018
  • Walter McIntosh

    I had a great experience at this festival. A fledging festival with a friendly and fruitful gathering of filmmakers and supportive audience members. The organisers did a very good job of creating a conducive atmosphere for film screenings and it's excellent that independent filmmaking is being celebrated in downtown Jamestown.

    August 2018
  • Don Swanson

    This festival was great to work with. I couldn’t make it until the last day due to shooting a new project and they worked with me to schedule my screening with my schedule. I met some fantastic filmmakers and got some solid feedback during the Q&A. It’s young, but it’s got everything it needs to keep growing!

    August 2018
  • Maine Event Films

    It was a great experience!!!! One of the most organized events I've been to.

    August 2018
  • I was informed my work was awarded but haven't seen it posted nor received laurals. I thank you for the honor to participate.

    August 2018
    Response from festival:

    Richard, you left this review barely one week after the CIFF closed. The website gives the information on how awards are being announced and when.