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Chasing Humanity - Proof of concept

A 1-hour serialized drama (or limited series) set in the near, but alternate future, revolving around three lives in a private space exploration company: the headstrong founder of CosmosNow (CoNo) handing off power to concentrate on expanding their Mars colony only to fight his nephew from taking over; the guilt-ridden manager of lunar ops struggling to move on after losing her same sex spouse and child; a wide-eye student entering CoNo’s academy living her well-deserved dream based on an entrance exam fudged by her favorite teacher. Probes finding life on Saturn’s moon Titan, while bringing out hatred towards scientific discovery, offers each an opportunity at redemption and purpose. It examines the themes of vision vs greed, blame vs forgiveness and the dangers of anti-science dogma. The find is not what Chasing Humanity’s about, only the inciting incident driving the characters while dealing with their own issues. It also explores not what it means to be human, but what is that benevolent concept we struggle to serve called humanity.

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    Television Script
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    drama, actio, adventure
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    United States
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Writer Biography

Getting older since birth, David decided to get busy writing, a passion developed as a teenager. Years of having characters dance around his head became unbearable, writing THE LOFTS (now renamed LIKE A DRUG) and his first sci-fi FUTURECAST.

David grew up in the deserts of New Mexico. After a stint in the US Navy and graduating from New Mexico State University, lived in Kansas and California for a few years each. He and his wife spent twelve wonderful years in Springfield, MO where much of his inspiration comes from, and began serious writing. A short story –Fortunate Son, published online at narraratorINTERNATIONAL– received Editor’s Pick.

The ever present desire to create and entertain, he continues other high concept sci-fi projects such as DOPPLEGAMER & SMALL CREATURES, in addition to people-focused dramas. He now delves into screenwriting by adapting LIKE A DRUG (formerly THE LOFTS) to the screen and one hour pilots CHASING HUMANITY and PART TIME HEROES.

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