Devoted to celebrating and showcasing the works of emerging filmmakers our festival has accomplished so much since its inception in 2015 under the umbrella of The Charlottetown Film Society.

Focused on up-and-coming Canadian filmmakers (including those who have been given permanent resident status from the Government of Canada)—with particular focus on films that highlight the diverse world that we are part of—ChFF2023 is where you will want to be after calling “that’s a wrap” on your project. ChFF2023 will focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY— offering fewer screenings to make room for valuable learning opportunities.

An important function of any film festival is the opportunity it provides for networking and skills development. Engaging Q & A sessions for filmbuffs to learn more from the filmmakers, friendly accessible receptions, and informing panels are all things to look forward to at ChFF2023.

Close to 300 films have been screened – a banquet of feature films, documentaries, short dramas and comedies, animation, music videos. Something for everyone. And all share the important task of telling OUR stories to each other and the entire world, thanks to the efforts and big dreams of the determined filmmakers we spotlight.

1] Submissions must be of a new work completed within the last three years.

[2] All submissions must be received by June 30, 2023 11:59PM. There is a $30.00 submission fee.

[3] Each film entry must be a separate submission. Only completed submissions with completed online entry form will be accepted unless previous authorization has been given.

[4] The filmmaker must obtain releases for music and talent.

[5] The Charlottetown Film Festival (ChFF) and the Charlottetown Film Society are not liable for copyright infringement or unauthorized use.

[6] By submitting your film you agree that ChFF may use a short clip (no more than 30 seconds) of your film for promotional purposes.

[7] The Filmmaker agrees to allow ChFF to use stills, screen captures and other promotional material for publicity and printed materials including the official festival program, digital one time live screening of the festival, website, and posters.

Overall Rating
  • Made me feel very welcome, accommodating and kind. i was able to see alot of filmmaking talent on this island, they are very passionate and wouldn't have known otherwise if my film was not accepted . Recommended for sure .

    October 2022
  • Darcy Fitzpatrick

    As uncomfortable as it is for me to do so, I am writing this review in the hopes it will help bring about some much-needed change as I was genuinely confused and hurt by the way I and my film were treated by this festival. I made multiple attempts to communicate with the organizers about my intention to travel to attend the festival, which went unacknowledged. I, like many of the screening filmmakers I spoke with who had also travelled for the festival, assumed we would have been welcomed and made part of the festival, but instead we went unconsidered and ignored.

    Outside of a one hour informal gathering focused on local filmmakers prior to the opening night screening, which was also focused on locals and which traveling filmmakers had not been granted access to attend, there was nothing planned where filmmakers could connect with each other or their audiences. On the subject of audiences, I was deeply saddened by how poorly attended and promoted the festival went. Charlottetown was brimming with activity during my stay, full of nightlife, tourists, and a vibrant arts community, but anyone I spoke with while I was exploring Charlottetown had no idea a film festival was taking place that weekend.

    I managed to bring three locals to my screening on closing night, which along with myself and my wife who travelled to be there, made up more than half of the attendees that night. And I'm sorry to have to include this, but the way the organizer sternly told my guests to go to their seats while we were conversing before the screening started was unacceptable, as was the patronizing way she marvelled at my travelling from Hamilton just to see my film during her introduction -- either oblivious or deliberately obtuse about why a filmmaker would travel to a film festival they were screening at. Going on to blame the marathon happening that same weekend for the festival's dismal attendance was baffling, and appeared to be an attempt at deflecting responsibility, which makes me wonder if any of what I'm sharing here now will serve any purpose.

    I went to great personal inconvenience and expense to be at this film festival, and it was all for nothing. Had I not attended, I would also have been spared the feelings of indignity and sadness I've been left with. A simple reply to one of my emails stating that the festival is not suited for travelling to this year would have saved me a lot of time, effort, money and anguish.

    An accomplished filmmaker from New Brunswick I spoke with after their screening told me past festivals were nothing like this year's and well worth travelling for. Here's hoping this festival can find a way back to that place. Charlottetown deserves a festival it can be proud of, and that is in turn proud of what it can do for Atlantic Canadian film.

    October 2022
  • Brenda Malley

    Very respectable and well run festival!!

    October 2022
  • Knight Katherine

    Nice focus on local film community. A real indie festival and cinema. Nice folks and good audiences. This event is a must for those interested in PEI films.

    November 2021
  • An intimate and delightful festival.

    November 2021