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Artist Biography

Chantal Borra, a 16-year-old influencer, has gained widespread recognition for her impressive presence on various social media platforms. She has mastered the art of adapting her content to suit the unique characteristics of each platform she engages with. TikTok serves as a platform where she captivates audiences by sharing viral videos featuring her own nail designs and trendy dance routines. With her TikTok account (@chachantycha), Chantal has achieved remarkable success, with two of her videos amassing an astonishing 7.4 million and 4.7 million views respectively.

On Instagram, Chantal channels her creativity by showcasing makeup transitions and displaying her skills in crafting diverse elements such as backgrounds, clothing, scenography items, and studio setups. Her Instagram account (@chachantycha) serves as a canvas where she exhibits her artistic flair. Meanwhile, on YouTube, she focuses on displaying her hip-hop talent, presenting her choreography and dance covers in a unique and recognizable setting known as the "construction site room." Chantal's YouTube channel (@chachantycha) has become a hub for her dance enthusiasts.

Not content with just her own accounts, Chantal even created a dedicated account for her cat, which she proudly mentions in her Instagram bio. Born on December 25, 2006, she is swiftly establishing a media empire at a remarkably young age. Looking ahead, Chantal has ambitious plans to launch her own clothing and jewelry stores, personally designing the products herself. Her entrepreneurial spirit and creative drive continue to fuel her journey as a rising star in the digital world.

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Chantal Borra