CepteFest Istanbul is Turkey’s first cell phone film festival and joins a small group of festivals around the world to add to the diversity of films shot with the smart phone technology.

We see an upward trend on social media platforms for video content produced by smart phones. We believe that future of cinema will increasingly include films by such technologies. We also love that this technology democratizes participation in film festivals, making storytelling through films accessible to many of us regardless of geographical location, age, etc.

Our desire in creating this festival was to highlight small budget cell phone films that utilize creative and innovative ideas. Being a part of a film festival is no longer a distant dream. If you have a good idea and a capable cell phone, come join us at CepteFest. Don’t forget, creativity does not need the latest technology or the best equipment.

Our second festival will be on May 19th, 2023, on the Sports and Youth Day in Turkey.

Best Short Film (Up to 20 mins)
Best 9x16 Short Film (Up to 5 mins)
Best Documentary (Up to 30 mins)
Best Student Film (Up to 5 mins)
Best Environmental/Wildlife/Nature Film (Up to 30 mins)
Best Food Themed Film (Up to 5 mins)
Best Music Video (Up to 5 mins)
Best Experimental Film (Up to 5 mins)

Each category will have one winner.
The jury may award Special Jury Award.
Our sponsors and partners may award additional categories.
Winners will receive a digital laurel.
Winners may purchase a trophy with their film title (please visit Merchandise section of our webpage)

At least 90% of filming must be done on a cell phone
We suggest exporting with a minimum ratio of 3840×1920 for the final file, however we will allow submissions with any resolution.
Please submit your movie in .mov (Quicktime) format
All script and ideas must be original and owned by you. Liability is yours when you use trademarked material. Make sure to abide by fair use and copyright rules.
You may use applications and programs to edit audio and color.
You may use external mics, audio mixer, wide angle lenses, lighting, tripod and other supporting equipment.
Drone and action cameras may be used but can’t constitute more than 10% of the total time.
Please abide by length requirements as stated for each category. Length requirements differs across categories.
Content promoting extreme violence, pornography or racism will not be accepted.
Submissions must be filmed within the last 3 years (2021-2022-2023 films).
You may submit your film in multiple categories.
Subtitles must be in English.
Entry fees are non-refundable.