The Central Coast Film Festival’s (CCFF’s) mission is to celebrate cinema and promote media arts and entertainment on California’s Central Coast. This will be executed through fun, engaging and entertaining films that spark inspiration or set our imagination free. 2020 will be our inaugural year that will light the spark to many subsequent festivals.

Set in the Santa Ynez Valley, the heart of California’s Central Coast, makes this the perfect home for the CCFF. Surrounded by some of the greatest vineyards in the world, Santa Ynez Valley is home to several fantastic and individual communities that make it the perfect venue for CCFF. We also want CCFF to be a hands on educational experience as well, hosting many industry professionals, vendors and lectures to be done throughout the festival.

The CCFF encourages filmmakers and films that were originated in the Central Coast to submit. There is a special category for Central Coast Resident Filmmakers and Films. Resident Filmmakers (Producers and/or Directors) are required to have an address in Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara or Ventura Counties. The Central Coast Films must have a location in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara or Ventura Counties that is featured in the film. A special award will be given for “Best Central Coast Filmmaker” and “Best Central Coast Film.”

Beginning the creative process at an early age is important, however, encouraging young film students to pursue their dreams is critical. The CCFF believes strongly in fostering and celebrating student filmmakers and will provide a special program for local student filmmakers.

(*All venues and locations are subject to change.)

The Central Coast Film Festival is a part of the vision and mission of the Central Coast Film Society, which is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. IRS Tax ID # 83-0787181.

Specific Objectives and Purpose of the Central Coast Film Society :
a. To celebrate cinema and promote media arts and entertainment on California’s Central Coast.
b. To provide educational lectures, seminars and/or other platforms for Central Coast students from middle school to college.
c. To sponsor, host and/or participate in forums and/or screenings of films that have an impact on the Central Coast’s Community and Culture that may include:
a. Central Coast Film Festival
b. Central Coast Film Society Screenings

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All categories are available, including Features, Shorts, Animation and Documentary films. All films will be judged on story, production quality and entertainment value. Awards will be given for the following categories:
• Best of the Fest,
• Best Short Film,
• Best Documentary Film,
• Best Animated Film,
• Best Student Film,
• Best Director,
• Best Actor,
• Best Actress,
• Best Original Screenplay,
• Best Cinematography,
• Best Production Design,
• Best Original Music, and
• Most Entertaining.

General Rules for Film Submissions:

1) All films must be fun, entertaining and/or informative.
2) The submitter shall be the responsible party for their submission and subsequent screenings and other promotional material.
3) All films must have all proper clearances, rights and privileges for screening to the public. The work should be all original.
4) A short film is considered 0-60 minutes and a feature is considered 60+ minutes.
a. Documentary films will be comprised of both short and feature length films.
5) If a film would like to have special consideration for an award, please include a “For Your Consideration” section in the Cover Letter upon submission.
a. “For Your Consideration” for “Best Central Coast Filmmaker” or “Best Central Coast Film” should include the location of the filmmaker’s home and/or the location of the film’s featured location.
b. Films that do not submit a “For Your Consideration” will still be eligible for the overall awards and will judged accordingly.
6) Films that are overly obscene, gratuitous or in bad taste will not be considered. No film should be rated more than the MPAA’s PG-13 rating. If the film is not yet rated, it must still be conforming to this rating rule.
7) Student Filmmakers must be a registered student at time of submission. One of the following must be included with submission:
a. Proof of student status, with a designated education level (High School Year, College, etc.) with a letter of recommendation from their teacher which may be copy and pasted in the Cover Letter with the submission. Applicants must include teacher’s name, phone and e-mail contact. OR
b. Students may participate in the CCFS Student Production Workshops to become eligible for the Student Showcase at CCFF.
NOTE: Submissions WITHOUT this information will not be considered for the student showcase.
8) Unless previously stated in the above rules, the CCFF will not distinguish, judge or award films or filmmakers based on their gender, age, religion, or any other factors.