Censurados Film Festival is committed to freedom of expression, human rights and diversity through the screening of films and the organization of artistic and educational activities. We seek to create a space for reflection against censorship where the diversity of voices and ideas can find a place to express themselves freely.

Scissors for the best International feature film.
Scissors for the best Latin American feature film.

Scissors for the best International short film.
Scissors for the best Peruvian short film.
Special award for the best censored film. 

1. Any natural or legal person may participate, individually or collectively, of any nationality and without age limit. 

2. Films that have been censored or that talk about censorship, freedom of expression, human rights and diversity are invited to submit.

3. Each participant may submit more than one film, but it is essential to fill in an entry for each work.
4. Registration is open for films produced after January 2019 onwards. The works submitted may be of any genre, with no duration limit and in the original version in Spanish or subtitled in Spanish. 
Films may be registered in the following formats: DCP, BluRay or HD video files (mp4., Mov. or similar). 

5. Only the copyright holder can register a movie. The participant assumes responsibility for the truthfulness of this fact. 

6. By registering the film, the participant authorizes three free exhibitions of the film within the framework of the festival and renounces all financial compensation for this concept.

7. Some selected films will also be shown online and free of charge (prior authorization), ideally without territory or geolocation restrictions, between April 24 and 30, 2021, only through the Festival website.
8. In the case that the selected films for the online version request that their viewing be restricted to only the Peruvian territory, or others, this would be coordinated once our team communicates with each representative, via email, to inform of the selection of the film.
9. Selected films that have been duly registered cannot be removed from the festival's schedule.
10. The Festival organization may use still images or fragments of up to three minutes of the selected films in any of its printed, electronic or audiovisual publications. When the duration of the film is less than 30 minutes, the fragments will not exceed 10% of their duration.