Celebrating the 29th SD Latino Film Festival

For this project, I wanted to emphasize the idea of how exciting it is to be able to go back to the theaters! The concept here is a drive-in theater on the floor of a movie theater, or rather the aftermath--hence the popcorn and tickets in the background. Multiple cars are used to show community and people coming together. And to represent Latino culture, Latin decorative elements are used on the big screen behind text which is mimicking a movie title during opening credits. Additionally, to convey the idea of celebration, confetti is used throughout.

  • Montserrat Ceja
  • Genres:
    people, celebration, latino, film festival
  • Student Project:
    Yes - San Diego State University
Artist Biography

Hello! My name is Montserrat Ceja, and I am a Mexican American woman and a student at San Diego State University studying Graphic Design.

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