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An Extra narrates the film making process in real time, play by play, as the movie is shot, as well as telling us how to get into the business as an actor or Extra, giving us a few pointers along the way.

He addresses the code of conduct and pecking order on the set, which is sometimes breached by example, as the drama plays out behind the scenes. Trouble ensues when a few Extras realize they may not get to be in the movie.

Meanwhile, an Extra devises a scheme of attrition, taking matters into her own hands, causing friction with another Extra, forcing her to leave the set, while other Extra’s plans that are a bit more dramatic than the script calls for.

A cute young couple, also Extras, act and react to their non curtain calls. After not getting called to the set, and after all else fails, the Extra flashes her breasts to the director to gain entry. Will she get in... or booted off the set?

After the breast flash, and to the dismay of the other Extras, which is the final nail in her coffin’s relationship with her boyfriend, also an Extra on the set. Does she get in or maybe... in over her head?

This triggers an emotional episode for the gay production manager and mixed emotions for the other Extras on the set, as they watch and wonder how the director will handle the incident and what his motives are.

It turns out after the director sees her breasts, he decides to let her in, giving her a personal audition later for what might become her entry into the dark world of porn. But is she ready to give up her relationship for a career in porn?

Things are not all that they seem with our A-list star either. It turns out he is temperamental about certain stipulations in his contract and when his favorite candy bars are not available, he shuts down production, walking off the set.

He later goes to the bathroom, where another Extra is hiding and about to smoke a joint . He offers some to the actor, who after smoking has a mental meltdown, telling us about his crappy celeb life.

Where will this backstage drama end? Will it spill over into real life drama after the days shoot? Will this be a life and career changing experience? What will become of our actors and Extras?

  • Rick Eager
    A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Castle (w/known talent attached) | Love Street Detour | Rari
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    United States
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  • Finalist: Sunset Film Festival 2019
  • Finalist: First 10 Pages 2020
  • Finalist: Detroit's Trinity International Film Festival
Writer Biography - Rick Eager

A little about myself…

* I am an IMDb accredited Actor, Writer and Producer with 20+ years experience under my belt. Please see my IMDb page (link below) for a couple projects listed in current production.

* I am also in production of a new auto related youtube series and in pre-production of another auto related series in search of a distributor, both not yet listed on IMDb.

* 2019 has brought me a Finalist win at Sunset Film Festival for my screenplay, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Castle

* 2020 has brought me a Finalist Laurel Award at The First 10 Pages Script Competition for my screenplay, My Christmas Caryl

* 2020 Has brought me another Finalist Laurel Award at Detroit's Trinity International Film Festival for my screenplay, Gold Cadillac... An American Anthology

* 2020 Has brought me another Semi-Finalist (so far) win at Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards for my screenplay, Jacked In South Central|BLM

* 2020 Has brought me a Second Rounder win at Austin Film Festival for my screenplay, A Palm Beach Ending.

* 2021 Has brought me a Quarter Finalist win at Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards for my screenplay, Str8. Man Married. ⚣ Deport-Staying!

* I have experience at working with producers on rewrites, budgets, attaching talent, making Lookbooks for Investors and location scouting. I'm very quick and professional with my writing and rewrites.

* I'm currently working on writing & filming my (not yet listed on IMDb) semi-scripted, reality series, which I wrote, host and produce called, Hidden Man Caves

My IMDb page...

* The short film Rari which I wrote, acted in, and helped produce was intended for the film festival circuit when those involved in the project got anxious, posting the film on youtube, and other social media, killing any chance of set premieres my manager had preset at film festivals.

The short film can be seen here...

* This script is a selection from my 17 script/project catalog.

"Every GREAT Film Begins With A GOOD Script"

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