Our festival started in 2001, as a venue for filmmakers with connections to Iowa to screen their work for peers and general audiences. A big part of CRIFF is recognizing that people with ties to Iowa are in the production industry EVERYWHERE. We're looking for films from anywhere and by anyone, just with an Iowa connection of some sort (details in the Rules section). We've had films submitted from all across the US, and even from other countries! If you don't think your film qualifies, ask around...you just might have an Iowan on set!

The organization's mission is to encourage independent filmmakers with Iowa ties to continue improving their craft, to provide a place to specifically showcase their films, present a unique cultural event to the community, and to offer networking opportunities for the purpose of building connections between Iowa-connected filmmakers everywhere.

Official Selections are honored with TWO SCREENINGS during the Festival, one commemorative T-SHIRT, the entry title featured on promotional statewide media, and advancement into the EDDY AWARDS competition.

Additionally, every entrant, whether selected or not, is welcome to one COMPLIMENTARY FULL-EVENT TICKET, and has the opportunity to schedule a personal CONVERSATION WITH THE JUDGES, on Sunday April 16. This rare opportunity for one-on-one feedback has long been a hallmark of the Festival, and is regarded by many filmmakers as the most valuable perk of entry.

The Festival is open to the general public and is held at The Collins Road Theatre located at 1462 Twixt Town Road, Marion, Iowa.

THE EDDY AWARDS are named after Thomas Alva Edison who, among his many other pursuits, was a pioneer in motion picture technology. The term eddy is also defined as "a current moving contrary to the direction of the main current," which is a suitable description for independent filmmakers, who often go against the current trends in mainstream cinema.

GOLD and SILVER EDDY Awards are presented in Professional, Pro-Am and Student categories for Features, Shorts, Documentaries, and "Freestyle" (experimental, music video, video art, etc.) films. We also award the AUDIENCE CHOICE and STUDENT CINEMA AUDIENCE CHOICE EDDYs, voted on by audience members.

Additionally, the COLLINS ROAD THEATRES SCHOLARSHIP ($1000) is awarded each year to a student filmmaker in order to further the recipient's filmmaking education and career.

Finally, the IOWA CONNECTION EDDY is awarded to the film that best represents Iowa's filmmaking community. The winner is a film that tells the world WHO is making films in Iowa, WHY they're doing it in Iowa, and WHAT stories come from Iowa.

We don't have a ton of rules. There is no date-of-completion requirement. If you want to enter film school work from 20 years ago, we're not going to stop you. Films entered in earlier Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festivals are not eligible.

The big rule that's unique to our event, is that the entry must have an IOWA CONNECTION. That could be a crew or cast member who lived, worked or went to school in Iowa; a film that was produced, at least in part, in Iowa; or a story featuring an Iowa subject or Iowan (present or former, real or fictional). If you don't think your film qualifies, ask around...you just might have an Iowan on set!

Selected entries may have clips and/or stills used for promotional purposes.

The Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival reserves the right to reassign entries to more appropriate categories, if deemed necessary. Filmmakers will be notified in the event of a change.

Copyright law requires the entrant have written permission from the owner of any material protected by copyright which is used within this entry. Copyrighted material may include, but is not limited to, film/video clips, logos, photos, artwork, music and dialogue that has been previously published.
The Entrant acknowledges as follows:
The Entrant has read, understood, and complied with all eligibility requirements of the Festival.
The Entrant agrees to allow The Festival to use its Entry and any accompanying materials for The Festival’s promotional campaign. The Entrant has secured all necessary rights and permissions for the Entry to be exhibited at The Festival, and for any images provided to The Festival for publicity purposes. The Entrant will indemnify and hold harmless The Festival, Collins Road Theatres, and their agents and assigns from any claims or losses that result from Entrant’s failure to obtain necessary right or permissions, including attorney’s fees incurred by the indemnified parties. The Entrant with, at its own expense, defend and indemnify each of the foregoing entities or persons from and against all actions; proceedings, claims, demands, damages, costs, and expenses (whether by settlement or award of damages made against the indemnified parties by a final judicial judgment or otherwise) by or due to any third party with respect to the infringement or alleged infringement of any patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, or other proprietary right which may be involved in the creation, use, exhibition or publicity of the Entrant’s Entry. The Entrant holds The Festival, Collins Road Theatres, and their agents harmless from any damage to or loss of the Entry en route or otherwise during the course of The Festival’s possession of The Entry. For full effect, record a voice actor reading the above paragraph, and see how far you can speed it up before it's unintelligible.