Cayenne Film Festival, is a cultural event aimed at the empowerment of women that serves as a platform to disseminate the cinematographic works created by women.
Our main objective is oriented towards highlighting the true power of women in the film and audiovisual industries. In addition, we encourage women to tell their stories, and raise awareness on gender equality. Also to enrich the artistic experience of the diverse culture of The City of New York through cinema, projected from the female point of view.

This year, we are focusing on "Human Trafficking, Sexualized Children in The Film Industry, and Mental Health" as a result of the Cause and Effect Relationship.

Our hope with this exhibition is to develop general awareness, provide specific educational, and support resources to increase the knowledge regarding these topics, and on how to support people who have lived or are presently living these experiences. Through these resources, the audience will recognize the indicators of human trafficking and sexualized children in the film industry, and how to appropriately respond to possible cases.

The categories to reward are:

Best Feature Film Award
Best Short Film
Best Documentary
Best Animation
Best Directing
Best Production
Best actress
Best music video
Best Cinematography

The participation implies the acceptance of the previous norms, whose interpretation and application corresponds to the Organization.

Any questions regarding the presentation visit our website
or write an email to the following address:

Flms that meet the following conditions may participate:

-Directed or co-directed by one or several women. Male-female co-management is admitted.

-Producer or co-producer by women, -written by women and -women like DP

-The short films must have a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum 15 minutes with the initial or final credits.

-Participants must submit a trailer of their short film to promote it in all available media (website, television channels, social networks, cable channels). You agree to let us use parts of your film (including trailer/teaser/film poster/stills) for promotional purpose.

- Entry fees are non-refundable.

-The Festival Organizing Committee guarantees the rights of the participants, not transferring copies to third parties that require it.

-Filmed in any language. Whenever the original version is not in Spanish or English or if the comprehension is difficult, subtitles must be presented in Spanish and /or English.

-The music of the short films as well as the songs, must have copyright to compete in the festival, as well as in the category Best Original Soundtrack or Song.

-For the Best Production category, the jury will consider any of the aspects that stand out in a short film to reward: (Best Makeup, Best Arts Direction or Best Costumes).

-Admission Early Deadline March 25th,2023.
-Admission Regular Deadline May 14th,2023.
-Admission Late Deadline June 25th, 2023

-Each participant delivering a digital photo of the director or woman who submit the film, directing on stage and one or several frames of his short film to promote the audiovisuals in whatever media are necessary, as well as in the catalog.

-The Festival will award metallic prizes, original Trophy and special mention certificate if necessary.

-Each short film must be submitted in HD format (1920x1080p), recorded in high resolution of image and sound, which allows its quality projection on a giant screen.

-Please be sure you have turned the DOWNLOAD option on in FilmFreeway or it's available on your Vimeo LInk.

-Once the short film has been received, the festival director has the right to reject the project for any consideration that affects the main objectives of the event.

-Who owns the rights of the short film authorizes the free reproduction of images and inserts of his short film in press, television and publications in the promotion of each Show.

-Disregard any automatic notifications from FilmFreeway. We contact to you DIRECTLY via email, until that moment your project is still in consideration for the Cayenne 2023

Note: The awards will be informed on The follow next months.