Cat Story

This is an interesting story about Eva and her two cats

  • Zhenning Yang
  • Zhenning Yang
  • Zhenning Yang
  • Zhenning Yang
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  • Runtime:
    7 minutes 32 seconds
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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    United States
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Director Biography - Zhenning Yang

I am Zhenning (Johnny) Yang, an editor based in Los Angeles working on the short film, documentary, music video and commercial etc. use Adobe software, DaVinci Resolve and Pro Tools. Also, I can participate in preparatory work, such as screenwriting, planning, and coordination. In the shooting, I am proficient in the work of DIT, and I can also perform simple recording and shooting.

During my postgraduate study in America, I often have academic exchanges with my instructors whose working in Hollywood now. They think my editing level as good as my film theory. They have cultivated my scientific and rigorous way of thinking and created a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. In my spare time, I often take part in shooting in the school crew. I work as a DIT on the set and also be their editor. These jobs have fully improved my editing skills and cultivated my good sense of teamwork.

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Director Statement

I made a documentary film, and the documentary tells the story of Eva and her two cats. The owner of the two cats have loved them very much. Eva fed and played with her cats. However, I think shooting was difficult because I was shooting animals. Two cats may not like others to command them, and they are completely in accordance with their own wishes. And the most important thing is that I had to wait because I never know what have the future held. I put the camera mounted in a fixed place and started shooting. I couldn't stand beside the camera because I would affect the two cats. You can imagine, if a stranger is beside you, and he has been watching you, you will feel uncomfortable. I even got a some miniature cameras to shoot a cat's life because I needed to make a different angle. I put a few miniature cameras fixed where these cats often do activities. For example, I put the camera on the front of the bowl, so I could shoot them. Two cats like to sleep on Eva's bed, I put the camera on the bed. After a long time, I got a lot of interesting pictures. Overall, I felt very happy because I solved the difficulties. I successfully made an interesting documentary.