Catfish Shorts! Short Film Festival is an annual festival created to showcase short films created by women from around the globe.

Catfish Shorts! Film Festival aims to promote and support women in creative industries, with an emphasis on collaboration and diversity. The festival is founded on a very international outlook with industry judges from around the world.

Catfish Shorts hosted its inaugural event in February 2017 at The Tribeca Screening Room and Soho House and has since continued to promote events and collaborations throughout the year. Key events have included a "pre-Cannes" networking event, a screening and art evening in Vancouver and two festivals in Brixton at The Whirled Cinema.

Our upcoming festival will be in 2021 in London, England. Stay tuned for updates on dates and locations!

Winning categories include:

Best Original Screenplay
Best Directing
Best Acting
Best Cinematography
Best Genre Film

The winner of "best picture" will receive a cash prize!

All entries immediately qualify for any of the categories above.

Films must have AT LEAST TWO female Heads of Departments: Producer, Writer, Lead Actress, Editor, Cinematographer, make-up artist, costume designer and/or Director. It is encouraged to have more and from various ethnic backgrounds.

Overall Rating
  • Lois Norman

    Totally thrilled that our gender fluid dance film SWIVEL, won the Catfish Splash Award 2020! Thank you! What an inspiring festival for Female Directors and film makers! A funky venue, committed hosts who are passionate and ambitious, yet still kind and nurturing and a great cross section and diverse mix of films! I’ll be back! Thank you! Lois x

    April 2020
  • C.C. Kellogg

    Such a supportive and welcoming festival! Female centric in the best way, with diverse programming. Thabk you for including AFTER ANYUTA

    February 2020
  • Catfish Shorts! Is a great short film festival. They're very organised, communicate well and the films that were selected were all extraordinary. The vibe at the fest was good fun too. Everyone was offered cat ears to wear and after watching this wonderful selection of films, they handed out about seven awards. I highly recommend this short film festival!

    February 2020
  • Wonderful festival with a strong selection of short films run by a group of incredibly supportive and super-talented women who really care about your material. I made so many excellent connections (and potential future collaborations) from attending and only great things have come from being a part of it. Thank you ladies!

    August 2019
  • Nick Swannell

    So excited to be included in the line-up of the high quality films shown at Catfish Shorts. Fantastic festival with a creative, positive, friendly vibe.

    February 2019