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Sara Díaz, a young aspiring actress, arrives late for the only day of a casting. Given the lack of time, the director tells her to skip reading the text given and asks her to do another part of the test, an exercise that consists of showing and telling the recent history of each object that she carries in her bag. Sara, soaked in the rain and shocked, begins the exercise and is taking out objects until she discovers the sinister reason for her being late.

  • Gonzalo Hurtado Nuño
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    Screenplay, Short Script
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Writer Biography - Gonzalo Hurtado Nuño

Estudié Ingeniería Técnica Industrial especialidad electrónica industrial en la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, empecé a escribir por mi cuenta, y en el 2010 realicé los cursos Avanzado e Intensivo de Guión de Cine y TV en la Factoría del Guión en Madrid. He escrito varios guiones de largometraje, poesías y algún relato breve.

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