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Cassian: A Hollow Man

Cassian, a broken hearted, alcoholic singer songwriter, exists in a state of limbo, haunted by his past. Will close encounters with a string of peculiar characters, on a cross country journey to his childhood home, help him to heal or send him further spiraling into the abyss?

  • Keeley Ann Turner
    Vanilla Lily, In Tandem, Salem A Witch Hunt Tale, The Opportunist
  • Sheila Ivy Traister
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    Drama, black comedy
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Keeley Ann Turner, Sheila Ivy Traister

Keeley Turner has directed and produced several VR narratives including Salem: A Witch Hunt Tale, The Opportunist, and In Tandem. She has also worked in virtual production space creating plates used in a trailer for the Colin Kaepernick Netflix documentary Collin in Black and White in 2021. In 2021, she also had the opportunity to work with Cosm on the NBC VR Tokyo 2021 Olympics by assisting as production coordinator. She has become an award-winning XR Filmmaker and was even a Webby Nominee. Believing so deeply in her vision, she created a studio Corporation, The Metaverse Stage, INC and became a CEO overnight. Since the creation of her California Corporation, she has directed and created immersive VR content for Meta, WSJ, Dior, Netflix, Top Gear, Verizon and Ford. Now, Now she travels the world to places like France, Italy, and Spain capturing the essence of a place so she can transport the minds of her viewers to these beautiful places while also learning a little piece of history with a VR Travel Series. She continue to write VR scripts and submit to film festivals around the world. Her goal is to entertain while inspiring her audience through the use of cutting edge technology and I work towards this goal everyday.

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Writer Statement

"I set the stage in Hollywood in 1999. I have a fascination with this time before the social media chaos.

Cassian is a character I know all too well. It's a love hate relationship I have with him, but I find myself rooting for him every step of the way along this road trip journey to face his past. The imagery of this script is captivating with Hollywood, desert, and even the deep South scenes encapsulating an American anti-hero's journey." -Keeley Turner